6 Proven Ways To Have a Successful Medical Tourism Trip

Medical tourism has become a popular practice around the world. Also known as “Wellness Tourism”, this form of travel in search of less expensive medical care has great appeal for “Westerners” seeking health and wellness treatment abroad. As a result, it has been experiencing a rapid growth in developing countries.

Health and wellness tourism is becoming progressively more empowered and popular, this global healthcare approach now has 11 million people seeking affordability, availability and accessibility without compromising quality.

For the first time medical tourist or traveling patient, going abroad to another country for a medical procedures can be quite intimidating and mind boggling; especially if its a foreign country that you’ve never visited before or you aren’t familiar with the language. This is why most patients that participate in this growing industry need to use a medical tourism facilitator to coordinate and organize there medical trip.

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Tips to Optimize the Experience

There are some tips that can be utilized to optimize the experience. Below are six things that will help you have a better medical tourism experience and ensure that you make the most out of it:

1) Schedule all appointments and treatments in advance: The first and most obvious tip is to schedule all appointments, well in advance. These appointments can be both for the initial consultation meeting with the medical professional and for the aftercare.

2) Plan the recovery process: Before embarking on the tour, it is a good idea to inquire whether a recovery companion is permitted and/or recommended. A companion during the recovery process is an extremely positive commodity that facilitates the recovery to a great extent.

3) Communicate with the healthcare provider: It is necessary to go over all the details regarding aftercare with hospitals and healthcare providers. This serves the purpose of determining the extent and duration of the aftercare as provided by the hospital.

4) Coordinate beforehand with hotels and temporary residences: Your place of residence during your tour must be informed of your medical procedures and your needs in the aftermath of the surgery. This prevents any miscommunication, should you feel the need to extend your stay.

5) Keep your medical records with you: All of your medical records, both previous and recent, need to be carried with you and maintained. It is recommended never to leave the healthcare provider without an adequate medical record of the procedures performed, a report from the surgeon who performed the surgery and specific recommendations regarding the recovery process.

6) Schedule a follow-up visit: It is profoundly necessary to schedule a follow-up visit with your primary healthcare professional, as soon as you return from your trip. An appointment for a post-surgery checkup needs to be scheduled with your primary doctor. The recovery process is more often than not, a delicate one and therefore needs to be monitored by a physician to ensure no irregularities in your recovery.

These tips are guaranteed to ensure smooth sailing before, during, and after your health tour. Follow the given pointers and make your health tourism experience a better one.



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