Thailand: 5 Amazing Facts About Thailand and How It Became a Top Medical Tourism Destination

Medical tourism is a thriving industry, and within this, is an ever growing market of Thailand, where it seems more and more people are travelling each year to get various treatments for a fraction of costs in their home countries. Here are 5 amazing facts about the medical tourism Thailand:

1. Thailand is the top destination in the world

Thailand is constantly rated as the top destination for medical tourism in the world, with as many as 2.5 million medical travelers, who visited the country in 2013. In the same year, the country earned an astounding revenue of $4.31 billion from this industry. About 10% of the country’s total visitors are medical tourists, and the number of healthcare travelers has been increasing at a rate of 13% per year over the past few years.

2. World class medical facilities

When it comes to medical tourism, many patients are worried about the quality of care provided in foreign countries. The medical facilities in Thailand are top of the line with world class internationally accredited hospitals, the latest medical technologies, and highly trained physicians. There are also the latest procedures being offered such as the revolutionary Novalis Shaped Beam Surgery used in cancer treatment, and less invasive forms of open heart surgeries called OPCAB. Plus, the hospitals look more like five star hotels, with comfortable rooms, some with attached kitchen and living area. So the whole experience truly feels like a vacation. medical tourism Thailand.

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3. Thailand gets most patients from Japan

The most number of patients come from Japan, which is probably due to the high number of Japanese expatriate communities in Thailand. Many of the hospitals have attached Japanese restaurants as well as translators to make sure their stay is as comfortable as possible. Japan is followed by USA, UK and Australia in the highest number of medical travelers to Thailand.

4. Most popular procedures

The most popular procedures that people travel to Thailand for are plastic surgeries, dental work, and gender reassignment surgeries, as the costs are significantly cheaper here, and the surgeons are highly talented and qualified. Other popular procedures include orthopedics and cardiovascular surgery.

5. Medical costs in Thailand are much cheaper

Thailand remains the most popular choice for American and other medical tourists because of the much cheaper medical costs in this destination. Medical procedures in Thailand medical cost around 30% to 40% less than Australia’s and up to 50% to 70% less than those in USA. Procedures like breast implants cost at least $8000 in Australia, compared to a staggering $3000-$4000 in Thailand. 


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