Dental Tourism: Traveling for a Smile

If you are an average American citizen without medical insurance, it is highly probable that you might never be able to afford a root canal. Those without dental coverage in the United States exceed 120 million people, so you will have to fight tooth and nail (excuse the pun) to be able to afford procedures like implants and root canals. This is one of the main reasons why dental tourism is on the rise. You get a top-notch treatment thrown together with a vacation in one complete package that is also cost effective.

Here are a few reasons why people travel for a perfect smile and why dental tourism is so popular among medical travels around the world:

Cost Saving 

The prime reason why people prefer to seek dental treatment abroad is because it saves a lot of money even if they add traveling and accommodation costs. Costs are reduced to 60% than the expenses back at home. In some cases, such as restorative dentistry, patients even save up to 85%. For example, if a patient wants a dental implant in the United States, they will have to arrange for $3,900 to cover the costs. But at a clinic in Mexico, it will cost them approximately $709. That’s a whopping saving of 80%! Similarly, an implant procedure in UK is performed for GBP 2,500, but for GBP 380 at a Serbian clinic.

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More Options

Patients have more treatment options to choose from abroad than at home. Since the cost is low, they may opt for an enhanced treatment which might not have been possible back in US as the expenses are high and they would have had to settle with a simple procedure to just get by. So if you are a dentist in one of the countries where costs are not skyrocketing, you can offer customized treatment plans and cost saving deals on dental procedures.

Better Equipment

The Europeans and Americans no longer have the higher hand on sporting the best medical infrastructure anymore. Often, the equipment in other countries surpasses the one back at home. There are countries that are proud of their dental education and dentistry is considered the best profession there. The machinery is state-of-the-art and operating procedures are low priced. What more do dental tourists want?

Efficient Treatment

Dentists catering to international patients are willing to demonstrate that they are as reliable and qualified as the ones in the Western world. Thus, patients end up getting better dental care from them.

Clinics in Tourist Resorts

Of course there is a vacation twist and appeal to dental tourism. At home, you grab an ice cream after a painful procedure. In other countries like Costa Rica, that offers one of the best dental care, you get to enjoy the beaches while also saving big on money. This is a classic win-win situation!
In Mexico, for example, there are resort towns like Puerto Vallarta that make an ideal choice for a dental vacation. Clinics in that area claim that 80% of their patients are international; hailing from Canada and the United States.


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