7 Facts About European Medical Tourism You May Not Know

In the European medical tourism market, there are some countries that standout among the others, due to their reputation for high standards of medical care. Europe has some of the best destinations in the healthcare travel industry and if you’re looking to make a trip to a European destination, you should know these 7 facts:

1. Central Europe is the biggest emerging market

Places like Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Latvia are progressively becoming the destination of choice for Canadian and US patients. While most of the medical tourists are still largely Europeans coming in from Western Europe, there are also many foreigners now travelling to these countries to take advantage of the well-equipped medical facilities and low prices.

2. The most popular treatments are Spa and wellness
medical tourism europe

Most of the medical tourists, who travel to places like Hungary in Central and Eastern Europe, come for the spa and wellness retreats, which have been local traditions for centuries. It is especially the thermal springs that the tourists are looking for. Hungary has over 1500 thermal springs. Other serious procedures like heart and orthopedic surgeries, heart transplants and prostate cancer treatments, are also gaining popularity in this region.    

3. The top three destinations for medical travel within Europe

According to a Treatment Abroad survey with 1,045 European patients looking to get procedures done abroad, the top three most popular destinations came out to be Hungary, Belgium and Poland. These were followed by Spain and Czech Republic. Hungary and Czech Republic have become popular for dental and cosmetic surgeries.    

4. The price difference in medical procedures in Europe

Medical procedures in the UK, USA and Canada have prices too high for most of the population to afford. These people find that the same procedures cost a fraction of these prices in Central Europe, which is a big reason for them to travel there. Procedures like dental implants can cost $4000 in the US, while the prices in Poland and Hungary are a mere $780.    

5. Poland gets the largest part of EU funds

Poland is the largest country in the Central European region, and according to an article published in Forbes, it received foreign medical and healthcare spending of $28.6 million in 2011. This is probably because it receives the largest sum of EU funds for the development of medical and healthcare facilities. medical tourism europe    

6. Patients being covered for medical procedures abroad

Many countries in Europe have their patients covered for medical tourism by their own national health services, and now the European Commission has attempted to clarify the rights for the coverage of treatment in member states. Many Medical Tourism Facilitators also receive inquiries from self insured companies who are seeking medical tourism for their own employees. medical tourism in europe    

medical tourism in europe
7. Reasons patients choose Europe for medical tourism

A number of reasons make Europe a prime destination for Canadians and Americans and even for the UK nationals. The price of procedures is one major reason, especially since places like Mexico, Brazil and Costa Rica are seeing a rise in prices due to their high demand. Plus, these destinations are much closer when compared to destinations like China and India, especially for patients of Western Europe, and there is less of a cultural shock. Because of the well developed infrastructure and western culture, patients perceive less of a risk.<


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