8 Top Medical Tourism Destinations, According to Medical Travelers

While going on a medical tourism trip, you need to take advantage of the occasion by picking a nation that has a reputation for providing the  particular healthcare treatment you need, as well as a nation that offers the best attractions to make your outing beneficial. In spite of the fact that there are around 50 countries that are known for medical travel, here are 8 particular places that made their imprint by giving medical travelers precisely what they need and staying refreshed with the most recent benchmarks of care and up-to-date standards.

Traveling to South Korea for Health and Wellness Tourism

South Korea or the Land of the Morning Calm is another beloved place for medical travelers. The nation is situated in the southern section of the Korean Peninsula. Toward the east is China and toward the north will be North Korea. Seoul is a very popular city and is one of the most urban areas in the entire world. You can locate top quality private emergency clinics and medicinal centers in South Korea. At the moment, there is only one emergency clinic in Seoul that has the famous Joint Commission International Accreditation.

A large portion of the healthcare centers in South Korea have magnificent offices, English-talking staff and VIP rooms. Other healthcare professionals speak multiple languages and different dialects like Chinese, French and Japanese. The Medical Act was changed by the South Korean government with the goal that medical records and request interchanges will get electronic. The healthcare data framework in the nation is among the most exceptional in the world. South Korean is know for a large number of medical procedures, but here are a few: nose surgery, disk replacement surgery, disk fusion surgery, and a range of plastic surgery procedures. Most medical tourists can expect to save around 30 to 45 percent on medical procedures in South Korea.

Health and Medical Tourism in Israel 

Israel is a Jewish State arranged in Western Asia. A few nations fringe it, for example, Egypt, Syria, Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea. Despite the fact that Israel is little as far as size, you will find that the medical establishments are all inclusive focused. You can likewise make the most of your outing more due to its rich culture and numerous renowned scriptural and archeological destinations. A portion of the reasons why medical travelers keep flocking to the area each year include the high standards of the hospitals and medicine and modern healthcare equipment. A lot of global healthcare summits and gatherings are held in Israel consistently. Israel is likewise exceptionally dynamic in joint endeavors with other western medical centers.

Probably the most prevalent strategies done to patients in Israel incorporate IVF or in-vitro preparation, bone marrow transplant, neurological procedures, cancer treatment, heart medical procedures, weight loss surgery, eye medical procedures, and catheterization. Three medical clinics at present are certified by the Joint Commission International Accreditation.

Medical Tourism in Mexico 

Mexico is a very sought after destination for American patients as a result of its nearness to the United States. You will likewise appreciate the vast amount of attractions located in the nation. Various medical clinics are as of now licensed by the Joint Commission International Accreditation. You limit your risk of getting complications before and after the healthcare procedure, since you do not have to travel halfway across the world to get to Mexico.

A portion of the well known methods done in the area include cosmetic surgery, orthopedics, dental work and weight loss surgery. Spanish is broadly spoken, however English is comprehended by a larger part of the people, particularly those situated in border towns. The climate in Mexico is likewise great for travelers in general. You can expect encompassing temperatures for the greater part of the year.

Global Medical Tourism in Dubai 

Dubai provided healthcare treatment to around 135K medical tourists in the year 2014 and somewhere around 150K medical travelers came in 2015. These figures are expected to steadily increase in the future. Most medical travelers seek out treatment in this nation for healthcare procedures like plastic surgery, dental procedures, preventive medicine, dermatology, orthopedic and skin care.

UAE keeps on moving emphatically towards accomplishing its objective of turning into the primary destination for medical tourists around the globe. Also, this is obvious through the new medical initiatives released by the government to expand the nations healthcare infrastructure. As part of their medical tourist sector infrastructure strategy, UAE has mapped out a plan to create 22 more healthcare centers to increase the volume of medical tourists by around 50,0000 per year.

Healthcare Tourism in France

Appraised as a top nation for the framework of their healthcare system by the World Health Organization, France is quickly becoming famous among medical travelers for procedures such as breast enlargement, knee surgery and Rhinoplasty. In fact, research directed by Euromonitor International showed that inbound healthcare tourism in France is increasing at an a lot quicker rate when contrasted with other European nations. The dominant part of the medical tourists going to France are from the US and UK, this is due to the fact that surgeries in France are commonly 30 to 50 percent less expensive.

Medical Tourism in Malaysia

Positioning at number 5 among the top medicinal traveler goals on the planet, Malaysia is visited by a normal of around 250K restorative visitors every year. When contrasted with the US, the normal scope of cost investment funds on therapeutic medicines that restorative sightseers can appreciate here is somewhere in the range of 65 and 80 percent. The nation is for the most part visited by restorative sightseers for consume medicines and heart valve substitutions.


As per an exploration directed by the main statistical surveying organization Frost and Sullivan, Brazil was positioned number 9 among the best 14 goals for medicinal the travel industry by volume of care. Throughout the years, Brazil has gotten one of the most prevalent goals for restorative voyagers searching for plastic medical procedure techniques.

Most recent insights likewise show that roughly 180,000 restorative sightseers from everywhere throughout the world visited Brazil for corrective systems a year ago. Therapeutic travelers favor going to Brazil commonly on account of the minimal effort of treatment and quality medicinal administrations. There are in excess of 4,500 plastic specialists in the nation who are both exceptionally gifted and offer quality medicines. All the more critically, the expense of corrective medical procedures is 60% not as much as what it would ordinarily cost in the US.



Singapore’s human services framework positions higher than most European nations, as the nation has the least baby and maternal death rates on the planet. Singapore treats around 550,000 restorative visitors every year and offers claims to fame in about every medicinal technique that exist.


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