My Trip To Cali Colombia for Plastic Surgery [Before and After Pictures]

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hi everyone is she she and IM back so today i am back with a gift might get ready with me but pack with me yeah let’s say that pack with me video so I told y’all that I am planning on going to Cali Colombia for some plastic surgery I plan on getting breast lifts with implants my boobs are already big they’re already a nice size but I do want them to be lifted and I’m like the fullness at the top so that’s what the implants are for and hopefully I can get just a little bit taken off with the lift because they are pretty big I do want them a little smaller but I want that fullness at the top so we’ll see when I do the consultation and then I do plan on getting some liposuction in just a bbl my butt already on my size so I don’t really care about going to to be or anything but I do want some hips I have hips back one side is like bigger than the other so I just want them even out so I just want a nice a natural look but this is what I look like now so this is my before and I can’t wait to show you guys my after unless I’m done all healed but anyway so I leave tomorrow morning my flight leaves at 10:00 and so wanted you guys to pack with me and I’m gonna show you what I’m packing for my trip I tend to over pack so I’m trying not to do that I’m trying to just only pack what I need that I know how nice this is not the first time I been to Cali Colombia this is not the first time I’ve had plastic surgery so I kinda are I already have idea of what it is that I need so um try not to overpay so let’s get started so the first thing that I’m going to pack is the sámi cloths this is just sanitizing cloths that you’ll definitely need well I know that I’ll definitely need and it’s a germicidal and it kills like all germs and bacteria even HIV so I’ll use this to just wipe everything down in my recovery house I ever stand in the recovery house and recovery house is depending on which one you say it they usually have some supplies so that’s why I don’t really need to pack like a lot of things because the recovery house is done they do supply some of the supplies but when I get there I’m definitely wiping everything down with this okay the next thing that I’m packing these are maxi pads these are the always maxi these are the size five I was looking for the poise five six this is used to wear under your father or compression and your Faja is basically um a suit that you wear after surgery and it compresses everything shapes you Mo’s you and you have to wear for it at least six month I believe but they for six months yeah so this is the Faja use a maxi pad for compression and also you can use it under your in over your infant incisions like if you having leak leaking or anything like that the pants will help with that so that’s the next thing that I’m packing these are and I don’t know about me because I don’t think I use these last time these are actually what was left over from last term but these are boss sponge causes you can use it for like your incision over your incision whatever I wasn’t sure if I meet that was something that I used a liar not I don’t know but I’m just gonna take it just in case this is an ab board this is what you wear under your Faja to this it compresses your stomach so this is um an ad board so I’m definitely gonna pick that um life’s all dippin it gonna take that these are just some personal wipes that I’m taking with me [Music] definitely from dowel soap take it with me these are just some extra pants that I had left over from the last surgery this one’s taking it this is my compression socks I’m actually not gonna pack these because I do need to wear them them on the airport this is this will help you if you wear the compression socks it will help you from like getting blood clots so yeah I’m not gonna pack these I’m going to wear these on the airplane to Columbia you wear around the airplane you leave on your when you get there and when you leave this is some pin alum T this is really really good this is prime basically pineapple extract E and this is really good team for inflammation and it’s also good if you’re constipated a lot of girls get constipated due to the payments that they take it causes some constipation I don’t have that problem that time but again like I said this is good to just it will make you go to the bathroom but it’ll also help with some inflammation this is pineapple tea and it’s really really good so I’m just gonna pay a couple of those I’m also checking this is um some article JLo this is also good for inflammation it’s good for swelling and I got this off of Amazon some of the supplies that I got off the Amazon I’ll leave them in the link below just in case you are yourself for having surgery and you want to you know just know about these supplies I’ll make sure that I’ll link it in the description box below to make it easier for you okay so definitely two toothbrush this is just a little travel case it has a little deodorant a little toothpaste I’m gonna throw this mouthwash in there and I’m staying for a total of 16 days guys yes 16 days but those 16 games go by sofas um I probably put another thing of the odor in just in case this doesn’t last a 16 days and more toothpaste so that’s just in case I run out but this is just some hand sanitizer I’m thinking some lotion see I feel like I’m starting to over pack but I think this is pretty necessary this is some body spray this is a little safe that I have it’s really good to put um your belongings in it um you have a little code and then you just put your code in and then of course nobody knows your code lets you and so it really helps you know when you go off to the hospital I’m to have your surgery you can put your belonging belongings inside and put your code in to just keep your items safe you know to worry about anybody taking anything for me so I’m definitely taking dad’s [Music] body wash when when you have surgery they do give you payments in Colombia the pain meds aren’t so great I do have a high pain tolerance and I don’t really like taking pain medication because of the way it makes me feel I don’t like the way it makes me feel but if I’m in too much pain and I know that the pain medication that they’re giving me is not working I did I do have some payment lives that I got from my doctor this is um from just like a prefect this is from when I had it I got a car accident it’s the whole this is just some leftover payment just in case like I said I don’t really like taking pain medication but if the pain is too too too bad then I had that just in case so I’m packing that um okay I don’t know if this is going to fit I hope so I might pick this last this is a Boppy pillow this is what you sit on after surgery so that is very important because you don’t want to sit straight on your butt cuz you don’t wanna mess up your results um I guess I’ll pet brush next sometimes you know they do the recovery house that I’m st. staying in they do serve breakfast lunch and dinner you get three meals a day but just in case I get a little hungry and I need some snacks I’m definitely going to pack a few snacks this is just some white chicken salad and I got some tuna and this is just like some noodles I know this is not good really good for you because it doesn’t have a lot of sodium it’s just it’s just what I pay and then um I know last time we went to the grocery store we did make the grocery store run and got and got some snacks so if that’s not enough I’m definitely I know that that’s probably not gonna be enough so I’m gonna probably when I’m dare go by the grocery store and pick up some snacks too but I heard the recovery huh said I’m staying it’s like right I got cut off the recovery house that I’m saying it’s by a lot of restaurants and the mall so I’m really excited that it’s really close where I said last term I say that in a Airbnb and it was really really nice and wasn’t a good location to UM but because I’m getting the breast lift I and I can’t lift my arm so after surgery I’m going to opt for the recovery house even though the left I’m the Airbnb that I stayed in we did have someone to help us but it wasn’t a nurse in the recovery house you’ll have a nurse 24 24 7 so that’s good so yeah even though the Airbnb was cheaper though I will say that so now I’m gonna go ahead and pack some clothes this is also an area where I tend to overpack um the first thing that I am pakku is a media the first thing I’m packing this is just this house address and it has a zipper and I’m only packing one of these where the recovery house they do have laundry service so I really don’t even have to pack so many clothes and dresses or whatever because I can just wash it and get them to wash it but this is this is really good especially if you’re having breast surgery because you can’t lift your arms up um this is good to just slide on and zip right up so got this [Music] and this is just like some old just old gal’s you definitely don’t want to take anything new because you might mess it up you might get blood on it this is another this is just a gown that I’m gonna take I probably do I may just do like three gowns this is just just old so I’ll do three gowns even though I have about five of them right here I’ll just do three and then the dresses you and I’m talking it to y’all like y’all are gonna get surgery so you know this is just like a I don’t know if I need to take this one this is kind of like a really oversized Beatrice [Music] probably take and it’s gonna be hot over there and Columbia I know okay I got these dresses um this is just the old dress that I’ve been here and then this race this is a new dress but I only paid okay three dollars three dollars for this dress at rainbow [Music] um this is another one I think I got this dress from boohoo and it was not how it looks on the girl on the website so I never worn out but it’s pretty big and I think the only thing about it it has like these from these slits but I mean that doesn’t matter orna ha ha anyway I think I might pack this this might be the dress that I wear from the hospital this it’s big you do want to have something that’s has a lot of room so how long dress this is that one two three I made Pat Moore this is another one that I got from rainbow I paid three dollars for it stretchy you definitely want to make sure that you get stretching material so okay so I should have enough choices I’m not gonna pick in more one two three four dresses I should that should be enough I’m taking these t-shirts because you definitely want to have t-shirts under your Faja to keep the you know indention so I’m just packing like three of these through these t-shirts house slippers these under here and these are some more slip slippers and I’m not taking it like I’m not taking like makeup or anything like that because I’m not gonna be doing much but I do have this is just some spray from my braids that I’m gonna go in there this is some VIP poop spray this is really good for your coming up the poops meal you know some edge control for my edges and a comb oh so this is just the bag um so I have this right here like a fanny pack and I’m gonna wear this underneath my clothes this has for my money in it for surgery I’m the only cash that I’m carrying is the money first surgery that I need to pay my doctor and the money that I need to get the recovery house and also the money that I need to tip with other than that I’m not taking any more cash everything is gonna be on my card if I want to do things like you know go shopping and go to the mall and go through the grocery store I’ll use my cart for that I do plan on getting my brows done so I’ll use my car for that you definitely don’t want to have too much US dollars because and you you just don’t want to do that you could exchange it for pesos but um when you’re you just because the conversion of the money and things like that last time it was just difficult sometimes they don’t have change if you pay them in dollars um you know they don’t have train so they have to pay you in pesos and then sometimes you don’t even use all the pesos so it’s just a big hassle so I would suggest to like I’m doing just take your car and the only caches the cash you need to pay the recovery house and to pay your doctor and just money for tips so I’m putting this underneath my clothes and I’m gonna wear this when I go through the airport when I get to the airport I’m gonna put it on me like that and then while I’m there I’m just gonna have this crossover back you know and I’m gonna put my part in here my cell phone because you definitely don’t want to walk around with your cell phone out so that’s why I got bit crossover bag so I’m definitely okay so I am all pegs so

Before and After Pictures from my Plastic Surgery in Cali Colombia 


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