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The list below is a directory of our Medical Tourism Members. This will help you quickly search medical tourism experts by category. Our list of members consist of Doctors, Hospitals, Clinics, and Facilitators. Once the company’s logo is clicked on, you will see more detailed information.

(Medical Tourism Agency)

Paris International Care is a full service medical concierge company tailored to the needs of our clients, headquartered in Bougival, France. We offer quality and tailor-made concierge and medical travel services to people who can cover the costs of your stay in France for medical treatment, with world-renowned specialists, all while respecting your culture.

(Medical Tourism Agency)

In Italy, SEF promotes the European Directive 2011/24 on Cross Border Healthcare to reduce the waiting lists, for bariatric and orthopedic surgery. SEF identified in some Eastern European capitals few high-standard quality private hospitals, and brought Italian surgeons with the major waiting lists to operate their patients in these hospitals. These Italian bariatric and orthopedic...

(Medical Tourism Agency)

United States
Medixcape is a medical tourism company, founded by the international friendship of a few optimistic people to give a different understanding of hospitality. Medixcape offers the right treatment with the appropriate budget for those who will travel abroad for treatment. Upon patient request, all your travel preparations will be taken care of successfully by our...
Sahin Bakkalbasioglu INQUIRE NOW

(Certified Medical Travel Agent)

United States
Sahin Bakkalbasioglu has taken and passed the MTB Certified Medical Travel Agent course.
Alistair Kiwana INQUIRE NOW

(Certified Medical Travel Agent)

Alistair Kiwana has taken and passed the MTB Certified Medical Travel Agent course.

(Insurance Company)

Swiss Insurance Partners is the world-leading independent consultant for International Health Insurance and Health Management, based in Zurich, Switzerland. For over 20 years, individuals, families and companies as well as their advisors have been relying on our expertise to protect their health around the world.
Sahin Maurer INQUIRE NOW

(Certified Medical Travel Agent)

United States
Sahin Maurer has taken and passed the MTB Certified Medical Travel Agent course.
Charlotte Shumba INQUIRE NOW

(Certified Medical Travel Agent)

United States
Charlotte Shumba has taken and passed the MTB Certified Medical Travel Agent course.
Zakaria Harit INQUIRE NOW

(Certified Medical Travel Agent)

Zakaria Harit has taken and passed the MTB Certified Medical Travel Agent course.

(Medical Tourism Agency)

Bulgaria hosts highly qualified surgeons and medical facilities and it is a preferred destination for medical students coming from the entire European Union. The country offers magnificent historical tourist attractions, pristine nature and unique local cuisine. Bulgaria has long established traditions in healthcare and it is home to highly skilled medical personnel. We partner with...
Stan Touhlov INQUIRE NOW

(Certified Medical Travel Agent)

Stan Touhlov has taken and passed the MTB Certified Medical Travel Agent course.
Tracy Griffith INQUIRE NOW

(Certified Medical Travel Agent)

United States
Tracy Griffith has taken and passed the MTB Certified Medical Travel Agent course.
Healthcare Adventures INQUIRE NOW

(Medical Tourism Agency)

United States
Healthcare Adventures specializes in organizing and planning medical trips for patients interested in traveling to Panama and Costa Rica for medical treatment.

(Specialty Clinic)

Dr. Langdon developed his private practice in Barnaclínic+. Barnaclinic is integrated into the "Grup Hospital Clínic de Barcelona", which is recognized as the best Spanish hospital and as a European reference because of its great biomedical experience. Our professionals' excellence and leadership, as well as the generated scientific production, play nowadays a key role in...

(Medical Tourism Agency)

United States
We believe that everyone should have access to high quality medical care. We make medical care accessible by connecting patients with English speaking physicians around the world and supporting them from the initial consultation through recovery. We can save you 40-60% on a range of procedures, facilitate continuity of care, and ensure you have the...

(Medical Tourism Agency)

Global Healthcare Options (GHOp) is the most comprehensive medical tourism company dedicated to providing people willing to travel to Thailand with diagnostic and therapeutic treatment options of the highest caliber. We do not prescribe treatments, we simply provide the customers with a variety of world-class healthcare options delivered in a first-class package.

(Medical Tourism Agency)

About The GlobalMedic Company The GlobalMedic is a Singapore based operation which sends customers requiring medical treatment abroad. What makes us unique is that: We have established professional relationships with key hospitals and expert doctors to ensure you receive high quality treatment Our experience and links with such institutions ensures value for money compared to...

(Dental Clinic)

MDental proudly offers it’s dental care in a warm and welcoming environment. If you are looking for a dentist for a sophisticated smile makeover, we can help you achieve and maintain a long-lasting smile. We always welcome new patients of any age to help them to achieve and maintain the fantastic, beautiful and healthy smiles...
Nova IVI Fertility INQUIRE NOW

(Specialty Clinic)

Over the last decade, India has emerged as the preferred destination for outstanding fertility treatments and surrogacy services. And Nova IVI Fertility is India’s largest group of fertility centres. Founded in 2011, Nova IVI Fertility has constantly set the benchmarks for world-class fertility treatments and technology. Our partnership with IVI, Spain – the world leaders...
Stem Cell Clinic INQUIRE NOW

(Specialty Clinic)

At the Stem Cell Clinic, we provide care for patients suffering from chronic degenerative diseases whose conditions can improve through the use of adult stem cell treatments. Our medical team consists of highly specialized doctors and hematologists who share the unified mission to better the lives of their patients. Our center was founded by Dr....

Find Medical Tourism Facilitators, International Clinics, and Medical Travel Agencies 

Medical tourism is the practice of utilizing medical services in a place outside of your immediate community or area. It can mean long or short stays for elective procedures or long-term illnesses.

Medical tourism is constantly growing and evolving. Lower prices and higher standards of care is causing patients around the world to explore their options and find out if treatment abroad can get them the affordable care they need. On average, patients can save up to 80% by making a world of options available.

But patients need a way to make sure that they’re safe. We believe that medical tourism empowers patients to take an active role in their healthcare, but they can’t do that without the knowledge and resources to advocate for themselves. This is why we composed our medical tourism company directory which showcase medical tourism facilitators, international healthcare clinics, hospitals and medical travel agencies throughout the world. Below are some suggestions for patients to think about before seeking healthcare overseas or before using an international clinic, travel agency or medical tourism facilitators:

Read up on Your Medical Tourism Destination

Traveling to a foreign country is always a cultural experience. Some of the manufactured goods you are used to at home may not be offered in the destination you choose, it’d be wise to take things like over the counter medicines with you. Be sure that you have all of your important documents that you need and check with your nation’s foreign affairs ministry or state department to advise whether or not if you need any legal documentation. If required, enroll with your embassy immediately upon arriving in the destination, typically this isn’t required for short visits.

Do some research online about alerts for travelers in the towns you’ll be staying in. Prevent tourist traps or common frauds or other methods crooks use to trick tourists in the area. If you are worried, you can ask for car service during your trip.

We want patients to enjoy the destinations entertainment and have fun on their trip as well! Ask your medical tourism facilitator or doctor what sorts of tourist events they suggest you try while you’re visiting. If your surgery or procedure doesn’t allow you to be active during the recovery phase, you can always arrive a few days prior to your procedure.

Compare Medical Prices Around the World

We work with healthcare organizations around the world to bring transparency to the price of medical care. Even if you’re not considering traveling far for medical care, we suggest you compare the price of medical care at a number of different healthcare centers.

Make Medical Trip is the only platform that has a “Price Estimate Calculator” that will give you instant price estimates for up to three countries, at once. This will allow you to get an idea of what you can expect to pay in each country around the world. This will ensure that you won’t overpay and that you get low cost, affordable treatment abroad. If you want a personalized cost estimate, there is no charge for an inquiry at Make Medical Trip!

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The Average Cost of Treatment Abroad

These estimates are merely the average cost of the medical procedure in your desired country, and may be higher or lower depending on the healthcare provider. This estimate also does not included things like flights, hotel, transportation, food or anything outside of the medical treatment. Each healthcare organization has their own unique cost for medical care.

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Research Your International Clinic/Hospital Abroad

No matter where you receive treatment, it’s important to do your research and make sure that the doctor is qualified and reputable, and that the clinic is clean and safe. is a tool to help you with this research.

Here on Make Medical Trip we feature free guides and eBooks designed to give you even more information about different medical procedures and destinations and how to find them abroad, making Make Medical Trip a one-stop shop to take back control over your health care. We also feature stories from some of our patients who have traveled for medical treatments, news from the medical tourism world, and other information about healthcare travel.

If you would like to inquire about a specific destination or healthcare organization and want more information, send a request through the online form or to

What is a Medical Tourism Agency?

Medical tourism agency, medical tourism facilitator, or medical tourism company are the terms with synonymous meaning and refers to an organization or individual who acts as the bridge between the physician and the traveling patient and guides the patient in receiving medical care while they are on their medical journey. A medical tourism agency takes care of the medical traveler’s flight, lodging, doctors’ appointments, entertainment activities, transportation arrangements and all the associated events that take place on a medical trip.

They also connect patients with trusted healthcare providers and do things like set up video conference calls between the patient and the overseas doctor.

Besides coordinating meetings for the medical traveler and the healthcare specialist, medical tourism agencies ought to also be able to assist with affordable medical travel packages which include hotel accommodations, medical expenses, travelling expenses and other correlated costs.

Should I Hire a Medical Tourism Facilitator for My Medical Trip?

Flying to an exotic medical tourism destination can be uncomfortable for some individuals. Traveling with a friend or loved one and pre-planning events will make the trip much more relaxing. Whether you choose to go with a travel companion or travel alone. You should undoubtedly consider hiring a medical tourism facilitator to assist you in coordinating your trip, as well as connecting you with a trusted clinic/hospital abroad.

Having the support of a medical tourism facilitator who is knowledgeable about your medical tourism destination and healthcare provider can be the difference between a successful trip, and an unsuccessful medical tourism trip.

If traveling overseas to a foreign land is particularly stressful for you or if you are very anxious about the surgery, hiring a medical tourism facilitator is a must. They will be in constant contact with you throughout the medical trip and assist you an all of your overseas endeavors.

Purchasing Medical Complication Insurance from Your Medical Tourism Company

We always advocate for traveling patients to obtain complication insurance so expenses are covered if something unforeseen occurs or if there are any issues. Though complications are uncommon, they can occur even in the best of situations. Make Medical Trip can get you in contact with a medical tourism company that can provide medical complications insurance. Ask a Care Team member for more information about insurance.





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