Petite Plastic Surgery in South Korea

I got Petite Plastic Surgery in South Korea while on vacation in Seoul last month!  I’ve always been interested in testing out new beauty treatments, and I believe in being honest about the things that I do, so I decided to document the entire day and bring you on my personal journey.  I hope that if you’re considering receiving Petite Plastic Surgery, too, that you find all of this information helpful! For more information on the temporary dermatology treatments I received, check out my blog below and please like & subscribe for more videos!

hey guys welcome back to my channel you may already know that I was just in Korea but what you may not know is that while I was there I got petit Plastic Surgery at Grand Plastic Surgery Center I decided to document the whole journey to share it with you and I hope that if you’re considering receiving treatments that you find it helpful poteete plastic surgery is a phrase that refers to non-invasive dermatology treatments what I received was a mix of lasers and injectables and they were all temporary skincare treatments first I met with some specialists who felt my skin and my face shape and with the help of a grand design translator and listened to my concerns I told him that I didn’t like my under-eye circles and that I wished my face was slimmer but that I wasn’t ready for a full v-line surgery they noticed that my skin was also on the thin side and that I wore a lot of makeup so they recommended me a number of treatments based on these factors they took me to a private room with my translator and a nurse gently removed my makeup and used this sort of like razor looking tool to remove my blackheads and any dead skin so I know it looks crazy but it actually didn’t hurt at all and it wasn’t until after this that she put numbing cream on my face for 30 minutes in another room the doctor began with my first treatment which was the double-a laser the double-o machine essentially offers a non-invasive facelift using high intense and direct ultrasonic waves called hype knife to target the layer between the dermis and the facial plane and just to pull that layer up it is supposed to solve the root cause of aging so that saggy thin skin and deeper wrinkles can be improved you see the results for this after one month and this part didn’t hurt it just kind of was annoying like little rubber bands snapping on your skin next up was Botox for my master muscles I could lie and say I only got this to treat my TMJ from grinding my teeth in my sleep but let’s be real I also wanted it to slim my jawline a bit when you put Botox in the chewing muscle it becomes slightly paralysed therefore undeveloped and smaller and you can see results from Botox basically anywhere from one week to three weeks [Music] then came Dermot oxen which is a new Botox treatment also known as Mesopotamia ox in Korea so by creating multiple treatment spots only on the skin layers it improves skin tightening reduces pores and reduces fine wrinkles but without numbing any muscles the lifting effect spreads throughout the face since there is just one treatment area like with traditional Botox [Music] nothing up to this point hurts but oh my god there were German healer Roger Roger Roger healer aka salmon injections made me tear up I was crying so much I literally had never heard of this treatment before but they said it’s brand new and hadn’t really reached America yet the returning euler regenerated skin cells from deep inside delivering poly nucleotides to the dermis to improve the biological condition of damaged skin so it’s supposed to help the skin heal itself improve elasticity make my skin not as sensitive and not as dry balance the oil and moisture of the skin and the list goes on but that’s probably why it hurts so badly pain is beauty and this definitely had a grocery list of benefits you can even see it in my skin when they injected it it created little bubbles on the surface layer but they were so sweet they gave me a little yellow duck to squeeze on to if I felt any pain and trust me it came in handy for this part but I mean also to know I do have a lower pain threshold than most people the salmon injections also take one month to see results they guided me back to the first room against there’s some super soothing calming masks healing lasers and cooling masks I kind of fell asleep for this part but when I woke up my skin felt really good it was especially nice to have these after all the needle trauma [Music] and Here I am looking like a mummy [Music] after everything which took about four hours total including my consultation and ending with my final mask my face was a little bit red and bumpy but already visibly brighter and probably the cleanest it’s ever been or ever will be [Music] I just got back from grand plastic-surgery where I have my treatments and I’m not sore but definitely my skin is a little bit red and kind of bumpy which they said would be expected so for a few days from the salmon shots I’m gonna have a little bit of bumps and some redness but then look go away and in a month we’ll see the results I don’t have any bruising or swelling yet but I do have to take some medicine I just have four different pills and that’s for anti infection and anti-inflammatory and so you told me that pineapple juice is really good for swelling so I’m gonna drink this tonight hopefully it tastes good I feel like I’m in Harry Potter or something so it’s been about three days since I’ve had my treatments done people have been saying that my skin is glowing but I can’t really tell but today I do notice that it’s a lot tighter like my skin feels really tight especially in the forehead area so I think that the Botox facelift is working and all the redness and all the bumps are gone so that’s good there weren’t really any side effects to my skin mellowed out within a few days now I’m just waiting to see results it’s difficult to say which treatment has been the most effective just because I did get them all done at the same time but I definitely feel like my face has changed in a subtle way it might be hard to show like a before and after because of course before this I only posted my face from what I thought would be a good angle within a week of being back in LA I hadn’t told anyone that I had treatments done yet and one of my co-workers commented on how defines my cheekbones and jawline were which is crazy because should have no idea that I did anything she kind of just thought that I lost week while I was on vacation they almost seemed like other people because you before I could because I stared myself in the face every single day for the masseter Botox I definitely see a difference just in like when you clench your jaw you can really tell can see visibly that there’s not really much difference when I clench so that works for the derma talks it was a little bit nervous going into it that my face would be frozen because that’s what Botox tends to do but because they only put it on the shallow layer you still have full muscle control it’s just like the skin is tighter I can still move my muscles it feels like it doesn’t it’s really a hard thing to explain the feeling of it but visibly there’s a huge difference I think for the laser and the derma talks and probably lots of the results overlaps as far as the salmon Rieger inhaler is concerned my skin looks so much better without makeup on I feel like I had a lot of softness and my cheeks like chipmunk cheek style like in the lower bottom half and I mean I’m 26 so I can’t really say it’s baby fat anymore it’s where the fat is distributed but now that I’ve had the procedures I think I mean my face didn’t shape is still the same but it’s definitely more of a v-line or more of like a thinner bottom half my skin overall is tighter but not in an uncomfortable way at all it’s a really natural difference really subtle but that’s what I wanted and that’s the whole point and getting sometimes temporary in the first place you know like I didn’t want to completely change my face I just wanted to improve it in the ways where I felt self-conscious that’s my experience with its grand plastic surgery and I absolutely loved it and I would definitely go back and get these same treatments again most of them last about six months or they recommend you redo them every six months but we’ll see [Music]


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