Best Place for Dental Tourism in Mexico

Video Transcript: hi everyone is Sonia here doing a little medical tourism I was told in my trial that I needed some major dental work so I’m traveling down here to Playa del Carmen Mexico to get a second opinion be a better price and see higher quality care than I could afford at home dental is so expensive in Canada that it’s more economical for me to come here even including the cost of my trip so bienvenido a mehico amigos come along for the ride and we’ll see how it turns out oh my god I can’t believe I’m here and back to Playa del Carmen here we get a massage okay oh here is her friends them andris yeah I’m like wow it’s so like cereal I was here last year you’re good it looks pretty good good we had I think it’s like it’s kind of trippy a that we can just do that like just so up here good morning guys started filming yesterday but I didn’t actually do a vlog Oh super exhausted I’m here with Karen and her boyfriend we don’t have a rock star name for him but we’re all rock stars cuz we just all woke up and we all had a bad head and we’re going out like that you know you guys have to give him a rock star name because he doesn’t have one okay so we’re just gonna show you where this glamorous couple lives here in Playa okay so here is Karen she’s living the rock star life alright she has her badass rock star boyfriend this is her good they have everything here they have palm trees think this is like I guess is this what you call a gated community it’s a private a private community well there is a gate that’s a mutual cut order that’s how it is here oh there’s a little playground over there for the kids and then over here looks like they have the gazebo oh oh a palapa right wow that’s really beautiful see I’m not staying in a hotel I’m staying here with Karen but it’s like it’s like being in a resort is there’s a pool right there with palm trees oh wow look at that and they even have the little the little pull-up I thought look at these beautiful palm trees are so big it was majestic that’s one of my favorite things is the tropical vegetation Hey look what God made like God made this probably really did a good job a God did a really good job when he invented the Tropic I mean five stars and then here’s the beautiful pool I’m gonna be swimming in that pool at some point but today I told you guys though like I’m here on sort of business like tourist business medical tourism I’m gonna go down to the dentist today that went to it pretty much needs a root canal the other two teeth that I told you about from like two years ago they’re still good you know what Karen lives here now I have the opportunity now I could be like oh let’s see if the tooth will heal itself and wait another six months or a year maybe Karen won’t be down here anymore and then I’ll just have to pay for it much here also I’m just gonna do it and also I just want to see which other old white fillings I can replace with inlays because you know they’re all gonna have to be replaced at some point I could pay the same price in Canada for plastic that I could pay for zirconium crystal inlays in Mexico which are gonna last a long time so that’s why I’m gonna try to have a few things done how are you guys like enjoying like living the glamorous life here in this gated community I’m very peaceful and safe got a wonderful view for the sky nothing besides crickets and all these tropical birds chirping in the morning whoo sometimes maybe a little monkey here and there too but it’s it’s awesome is fabulous yeah everyone so I mean my point man while it was made I’m going to the dentist and we’ve been running around a little bit this morning so we’re here in the little restaurant cuz I’m here with Karen and address what is it that you have here papa chorizo quesadilla get so you Creoles looks we didn’t seal so it might be an economist here very pico de gallo looks nice oh and all the selfish we don’t know which one’s the spicy one yet Sharon eats all this up I take like one tape on carriages eat that you’re gonna see so we’re so ready to eat Karen I think I might have to take some of your tacos there a sauce on there I’m trying to spruce up my ecchi said yeah I didn’t want to eat meat right now for some reason it looks really good tasty all right so lunch was good and now I need to get on with the business of my medical tourism I’m here in front of the dental clinic so this here is dr. Cesar but Cesar with your first name Amy you everything at CSUN the last meniscus us like dr. Katz us and here’s what he had to say about my teeth so these are my teeth and the doctor is explaining to me what he thinks and the first thing you said was okay you don’t think I need a root canal no why because this is the nerve okay and this far away from the problem but when they took the x-ray my drill they showed down below the tooth down here and down here like way down in the jaw they said there was something pulling there something pulling there that’s what they said but I don’t see that something here yeah there’s nothing reaching there is not there is nothing there is nothing even if close to the nerve okay like here if I drill here yeah to remove this feeling yeah I can touch this there and then you are going to need our work and I know this is the one right here that that doctor tried to do a root canal when the tooth didn’t need it and that’s why there’s a lot of stuff on there can you build a crown over it a crown if in case that you want to do something and come will be better why because if I do a crown we only need to drill in around oh yeah okay and he’s not gonna touch these areas and the only pronation in this tooth is the filtration that you has here okay I don’t see anything here and it much Allah so they saw something below the tooth but I don’t see it here in the others they don’t see any of the good news if I don’t need a root canal no I don’t see I don’t see in the effects I don’t see and your gums I don’t see any abscess you say you don’t feel any pain I said you don’t feel any abscess there though you don’t feel any small in there okay when do you shoot you don’t think many down there only there was a little bit of heat sensitivity and that sensitivity could be for this okay okay the sensitivity is when did you drink water I like when you say I like what I’m hearing it’s vital it is what it is if you have some Roland I thought I saw mrs. say you know what’s funny you need the room but they told me this in my trailer like opera canal no and they overdo it yeah this is now the tooth that I was supposed to get working out two years ago this is two years ago two years ago two years ago – that you – don’t be so good with you I’m very sure in a couple weeks or months you have problems okay two months to choose later you don’t have any any symptoms listen means that you don’t have a little bit heat sensitive but not like really symptoms like pain like swelling like an abscess like a hickey pain when they issue a sharp pain well if we could write when it’s a hot that broke well this is a problem is in there okay the symptoms are very different so you actually think I don’t need recounts in my opinion watching the x-ray and the cleaning and watch straight in the mouth no of course you can be hundred percent sure when it gets in there but he’s looking at the x-ray he said that doesn’t work you need it right now he could say I’m 90% sure because you don’t have the symptoms you are having clinic in your tooth I can see a small a small space between your gum and your truth and your root is exposed a little bit that is why you sometimes have this pain or that sensitivity and this is going to be more related with sometimes they acid that the dental plaque developed around your tooth and that make that you to start in became a little sensitivity do you force it and clean there and you saw maybe sensitivity to paste and then your two heels okay all the route heals and that is why you start to feel that sensitive okay the next night right now I don’t know how long do they do not screen last year you have target all right in all the ticks okay do you smoke Oh tea or coffee I a lot of tea the tea the tea and coffee will give me plaque yes I loved and more the teeth and the coffee the tea I don’t know what kind of tea do you drink but they sort of thing sour teams our Tina like black tea like an herbal tea like green tea even if you feel it when do you stop drink it okay your mouth feels dry a little bit then you make your mouth right okay then the assets and the dental plaque because we don’t have the saliva okay to remove and clean natural they acids then and clean litter of the dental plaque that develops for the food bellow with the herbs that this is made the tea and then with the time you have in the bell of Turner develop temple at the top lock stock in your tooth and the dental plaque and that the top black and the acid that developed this dental plaque make the sensitivity in the teeth and make the cavity sauce also if you leave it for the whole time okay because he calcified enamel okay so I great cleaning versus just cleaning well I’m out of there and I’m coming back tomorrow at 6:30 so Karen asked me how was it how was it how was it it was amazing first of all he looked at my x-ray the one where they said to me about four months ago they said I need a root canal he said you don’t need a root canal oh really he said there’s no evidence of like intersection and you’re gone he said there’s some infiltration of the cab the filling okay like the cab there’s some cavity coming around the filling but he didn’t see anything in the route he said there’s no inflammation inside the route there’s there’s no abscess there’s nothing okay he said I can’t be under percent sure until I get in there but it looks like you definitely don’t need a root canal I told you they don’t try to do work that they don’t need to do here yeah but they were convinced in Montreux that I needed a room they saw me on the x-ray like they’re like this is an infection they showed me it was all great remember the oil pulling them yeah yeah maybe that had something to do with it I would come back to my doctor in Montreal and say like I had an inlay done and I didn’t need a root canal can you explain please why did you tell me I need a root canal she’s gonna be like well you needed one you’re gonna have to go back and get it I don’t know either the dentists in Montreal is like overzealously recommending root canals but she showed me on the thing on the x-ray she said this is infection and it’s all over and you need a root canal maybe it’s the oil pulling again and I was like doing the oil pulling and I was like oh I’m tired of fighting this maybe I’m just deluding myself but I think that it really takes away some something because when I first had it it was I felt like it was burning a hole in my jaw I had pain but now he asked me to Jeff Payne I’m like no no sensitivity to coal nothing so you don’t need it you just saved yourself I played her 12 a $9 well tonight I’m getting an inlay done anyway here where I’m getting I need the filling replace okay he’s gonna do me in inlay and I want him to do more inlays anyway because that’s what I’m here for since I’m not getting a root canal I’m gonna get a bunch of inlays so that was the good news excellent it also looked at the other tube they wanted a root canal two years ago that I did all the oil pulling he said no said it’s just your gums a bit you don’t need a root canal either anything no but the tooth that they tried to root canal much all that didn’t need it he said oh they did it a lot of damage that’s like there’s so much filling there that he wouldn’t even touch it to put a crown on it so that one I just can keep it until the decay comes back and I’m gonna eat them did you tell her about the oil bird canal that one no I didn’t tell him I don’t like to talk to things about that kind of stuff your crazy dentists will hate that video right yeah they hate it I mean like I’m not saying oil pulling did it but I’ve been doing it but I think he just has a different way of looking at it he said I don’t need a root canal but I trust him I have a good confidence doctor I told you that people say in Montreal oh you crazy going to Mexico and all that I have more confidence in this doctor than in the one in Montreal a bit of a yes all right that’s it I’m done what I would have to go okay oh to come here when you before you came in you were getting a little big skeptic you know today yeah just now no I know no I was just frustrated because they scheduled me for panoramic x-ray and I didn’t want Aniston what for now I really worked out because he wasn’t even here and the end ease now the receptionist was like oh the doctors not here I can’t do the normal x-ray because I don’t have a prescription for it and I said I don’t want the panoramic it’s just like oh well I can’t give you an appointment and then she’s like oh actually the doctor is coming and and just like that I saw dr. Cesar and I go I don’t know so I can’t wait to come back tomorrow I’m like so excited to come back tomorrow and and see this doctor and get my teeth done I’m I’m that stoked actually that’s it now we’re just gonna chill relax and you know have a nice evening we’ll see you next time


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