Second Opinion

When you’re facing a new medical diagnosis, it’s common to feel confused. Making decisions can be very difficult as you navigate the healthcare system, especially when you need to choose between several treatment options. How do you know you have been diagnosed correctly or are making the right treatment choices? It makes sense to get a second opinion when you face a medical condition that is life-changing or even life-threatening.

A <a title=”Second Opinion Leads to Saved Limb” href=””>second opinion</a> has the potential to provide your treatment team with the opportunity to consult with a leading specialist in their field.

They are not just for life-threatening diagnoses, such as cancer, Dr. Schaffer says.

“Getting a second opinion for conditions that significantly affect your quality of life, such as asthma or a knee injury, can ensure you have been diagnosed appropriately, are getting the optimal treatment, and it could you save you time and money.”

By removing the geographic barriers to care and using an <a title=”Online Second Opinion” href=””>online second medical opinion program</a>, patients can benefit from the recommendations and advice provided to improve their health and their health care.

In some cases, the opinion provided by a second physician may agree with the diagnosis and treatment identified by your physician. This can provide you with significant reassurance, peace of mind and confidence that you are making the best choice for your health.

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