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15 Things to Know Before Getting Plastic Surgery in Mexico [Patient Interview]

Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

After I looked into the options for plastic surgery in Canada and saw how far outside of my means they were I started looking into travelling elsewhere. After well over one year of researching doctors and destinations I settled on Mexico. (Read More)

Surgery in the Dominican Republic, Good or Bad? (Patient Shares Her Experience)

Plastic Surgery In Abroad

My journey started 5 yrs ago when my hair stylist went to the Dominican Republic for a medical procedure. I researched my healthcare provider for years keeping track of her complication rate (Read More)

16 Helpful Tips For Getting A Mommy Makeover in Turkey [w/Price Comparison]

Mommy Makeover Abroad

I decided to have my surgery in Turkey again. I wanted to have my stomach and back fixed and have liposuction basically a mommy makeover and seems that I have done my other surgeries in Turkey just figured that this would be the best place to have my surgery In Turkey seemed that Izmir was a better choice. (Read More)

9 Things I Experienced During My Dental Treatment in Mexico {Patient Interview}

Dental Implants

I decided to use medical tourism because dental work is so expensive in Canada. I chose Playa del Carmen, Mexico, because a originally friend of mine had had good results there, and I had gone myself the year before. I thought I was going to have a root canal and crown done, but in the end I didn’t need it (Read More)

The Key Benefits of Getting Plastic Surgery Abroad (Part 1 of Daily Vlog Content)

Surgery In Mexico

Let’s face it – ‘surgery’ is a scary word. It’s not something we casually throw around in daily conversation. For the longest time, I too was hesitant of the idea. The decision to get these extra layers of fat off my body was certainly a tough one. However, deep down in my heart, I knew I was doing something wonderful for my body. (Read More)

How to Pick the Best Place for Plastic Surgery Abroad (Part 2 of Daily Vlog Content)

Post Surgery

When I got up this morning, I rushed to weigh myself, and my god! I’ve actually shed 3 pounds! It’s quite impressive. For now, I still have small implants, so I’m certain I may’ve lost a little more weight. However, I’m still very delighted right now! (Read More)

How Much Does A Root Canal Cost in Thailand? (Here Are The Numbers +Video)

Thailand for dental procedure

I had to get a root canal done on a back molar in Bangkok. This is the cost breakdown and my experience with dental tourism. (Read More)

Surprising Cost of Major Surgery at a Top Orthopedic Hospital in Thailand? (Video)

Medical Tourism

I’ll let you guys know exactly what the total cost was for my orthopedic surgery in Thailand and how the procedure turned out. (Read More)

My Experience with the Orthopedics Doctor in Bangkok Hospital (NOT WHAT I EXPECTED)


This vlog is about a major surgery I had in an International Hospital in Bangkok and the care and service I received, and am still receiving. (Read More)

Dental Treatment in Mexico: I Paid $700 for $4,500 Worth of Work (Here’s How it Turned Out)

Dental Treatment

I’m traveling to Playa del Carmen, Mexico to get a better price and higher quality dental care because I can’t afford it back home in Canada. (Read More)

Mexico Plastic Surgery Review: Here Are My Thoughts On Getting Plastic Surgery In Mexico

Medical Tourism Experience

I want to tell you guys about my surgical experience in Mexico and what I liked and disliked about traveling abroad for medical care. (Read More)

Dental Work in Mexico: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Patient Review Video)

Dental Treatment

Today I’m traveling to Mexico to visit the dentist for what’s called dental tourism. I have a lot of teeth that need porcelain or I’m going to eventually lose them. (Read More)

Budget Beauty - Saving Money By Visiting Skin Clinic in Playa Del Carmen Mexico [+ Before and After Photos}

Skin Care Clinic

I’m here in Playa del Carmen doing more medical tourism. I’m going to actually get treatment today at a skin care clinic and you guys are going to see the entire process (Read More)

Here is How My Plastic Surgery in South Korea Went (Video)

Lauren Image

I got Petite Plastic Surgery in South Korea while on vacation in Seoul last month!  I’ve always been interested in testing out new beauty treatments, and I believe in being honest about the things that I do, so I decided to document the entire day and bring you on my personal journey.  I hope that if you’re considering receiving Petite Plastic Surgery, too, that you find all of this information helpful! (Read More)

Patient Review: Plastic Surgery in Colombia ((Before and After Pictures))

Weight Loss

Check out this short patient review vlog about cosmetic surgery in Cali Colombia, as well as view the before and after photos. (Read More)

How Much Money Can Mexico's Dental Prices Save You? (Vlog + Cost Breakdown)

Dental Bill

I was quoted $30,000 by an American dentist. I found out that the price was like a third of the cost at dental practices in Mexico, so I jumped on a flight and utilized dental tourism. (Read More)

Dental Tourism: My Journey Getting Dental Work in Los Algodones Mexico (Before and After Dental Photos)

Mexico Dental Tourism

Here is part two of my dental tourism vlog as well as my before and after dental pictures from Los Algodones, Mexico. I hope you enjoy. (Read More)

My Trip To Cali Colombia for Plastic Surgery [Before and After Pictures]

plastic surgery

I am planning on going to Cali Colombia for plastic surgery. I plan on getting breast lifts and boob implants. My boobs are already big but I want them to be lifted. (Read More)

Steps To Take After Medical Tourism Weight Loss Surgery

Medical Travel

I want to talk to you guys about the importance of liposuction aftercare. I can not stress enough how important aftercare is (Read More)

How to Find the Best Dentist in Los Algodones Mexico (Before and After Dental Photos)

Dental Implants

Cameron lives and travels full time in his RV with his wife, daughter, and pup. He has had “bad teeth” for as long as he can remember as a result of both genetics and neglect. He knew it was time to seek help. At the time, Cameron was traveling through California, so he stopped into two different dental offices and received a quote from both regarding the work that needed to be done – both roughly the same, totaling around thirty thousand dollars minimum. This led him to look into other options online – where he found out about dental tourism, and within 4 days, he was on a plane! (Read More)

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