Dental Work in Los Algodones Mexico


Video Transcript and Before and After Photos:

It’s 4:20 my intention was to leave the house and be on the road to the airport by 4:00 and I thought I had everything in place and the gas tanks empty. I’ve made it safe and sound in those Algodones Mexico if that’s how you pronounce it I’m here in the Hacienda Los Algodones here’s a quick little glimpse of the room so a few cool things right off the bat that I’ve seen is I cross the border after Sun had set already at a p.m. I walked through most of the streets were pretty empty there was a there were a few cars driving around it seems super safe I didn’t have any trouble didn’t run into anyone didn’t have anyone approached me I’d read a lot about the people at the border that try to pull you into their dentists trees and whatnot right when you come in I guess after this point when the dentists trees are closed that that all clears up so it was pretty easy to get through and get to the hotel within like 10 minutes on foot so that was really cool so we were worried about coming in this late it didn’t seem to be an issue and cell service I have t-mobile is actually not bad at all I’ve got two bars of LTE I just got off of face time with Allie and we had a pretty decent connection that was kind of cool so two things right off the bat seems pretty safe and good cell service so far we’re gonna check out more tomorrow I didn’t even think about today being Sunday and like this place is a ghost town it’s it’s so weird because there’s so many little markets and little street vendor booths and all kinds of things but they’re all empty so I found a market to go to and get some small groceries and a restaurant we’ve got a burrito but there’s not a lot there’s there’s a lot of liquor and pharmaceutical stores that are open there’s a couple of dentistry’s that are open but most of the industries are closed for Sunday it’s crazy to walk the streets and see all this stuff but there’s like hardly anyone walking around I mean I could walk a couple of blocks in some areas and never see a single person so most likely tomorrow Monday when all the Dennis trees are open then the place is probably going to get flooded with whoever else comes in for free dental work and whatnot so I’m interested to see what its gonna what like what all the vendors are actually open and everyone’s trying to grab you to come in there dentistry oh and one thing that was really awesome I got a burrito and chips queso salsa all that at this little restaurant for a dollar fifty today is Monday something kind of crazy happened today I went in for my appointment at 9:00 a.m. and they tell me I’ve got to have five root canals and so this was not planned I thought I was going to come in and have crowns put in and and be done with it in two or three days and they refer me to another dentist here that specializes in root canals so first off the dentist they sent me to they they were very good I just had a very difficult situation happened while I was there they were going to try and do all five root canals at the same time and I went in and they loaded me up on this local anaesthetic so it was like – shots – shots – shots and so they they got done numbing me for three root canals and at the end of the third one I blacked out when I came to I had a really violent shake just for a second and then I started shaking like shivering almost uncontrollably for like probably 20 minutes never had that kind of reaction to local anaesthetic but it was definitely a reaction to having that much local anesthetic put in at the same time in the same area things subsided and died down and the dentist comes up to me goes okay we’re gonna have to we’re gonna have to let you go today I’m not gonna work on you and you’ll come in tomorrow and so I’m like let’s try to push through it and the dentist is like really really questioning it but he even like held it up with his colleagues and talked about it in Spanish so they come back to me he says well we will try one tooth and we’ll just see what happens so they work on one tooth things go super smooth after that like from the time they started on that tooth they decided okay we’re good so they knocked out all three of them and that one sitting besides the local anesthetic problem and my reaction to it that was actually one of the best root canal experiences of it was not something that the dentist did wrong it was my body reacting to the same stuff I’ve had back home it’s just a stronger reaction this time because it was such a large amount at the same time this dentist was comparable to some of the best experiences I’ve had in the u.s. and I’ve had multiple root canals before as well but I’m gonna chill for the day they gave me some meds to bring down mouth swelling so tumor root canals tomorrow buildups tomorrow for the crowns and they’re gonna switch anesthetics this time so that I won’t have any kind of reaction to it then the following days they’ll start putting on crowns but I’m gonna go try to enjoy what’s left of the day and maybe get some shots in the town and I’ll catch you guys in a bit [Music] [Music] today is Tuesday and today I’m going in for a another round of two root canals woke up today with virtually no pain the only pain from the root canals yesterday is like they had to give me a shot back on like the corner of the jaw it’s sore it’s a deep shot and it’s right there on the jaw line and it just sucks other than that soreness from that shot I don’t have any pain from the root canals they did a really good job so I’m going to eat some breakfast real quick and head over to the dentistry I just got done talking to cam it is day two for him and his dental work there in Mexico and if it looks like I’ve been crying it’s because I have uh it’s so hard not being there with him I have so many questions and yeah I was rough right now I’ve got temporary crown to hold the place until tomorrow and they actually put the the real crowns on but I’m definitely sore swollen still very numb on this entire part of my face I went to this place apparently it’s pretty popular also with people that are going to dentistry’s because they will take whatever soup that they make and they’ll blend it and so I had a very delicious soup and brought one home to eat for dinner since the town closes down at like 7:00 I’m gonna turn in for the day even though it’s only in like 3:30 I’m so so very sore and beat and I will pick this up tomorrow today’s Wednesday and the last night was my last night in this hotel this is the hacienda los algodones and unfortunately they are booked full and I knew this coming into it but I was able to get a discount at this hotel through my dentistry and so I went ahead and booked as many days as I could but my time is up and so I woke up early this morning to try and walk around and find another hotel for my next night or two and so hopefully they’ll have some openings they had a room and unfortunately they had like four rooms that were their doubles their higher and ones that are $70 at night and I was like well can you just give me a $70 one for a single room rate and he’s like hey no let me check with my boss and so he did so super nice room it’s a lot closer to my dentistry and it’s a lot closer to some restaurants they’ve got their own little Plaza here with a restaurant coffee shop a pharmacy and a grocery store so just a really good location praise the Lord it all worked out now I got to get ready for my dentist appointment today they got temporaries and up top which is like they took a mold of my teeth on the first day when they cut my teeth to prepare for crowns they put the temporary and it’s like the mold of my original teeth and then today they’re gonna cut the bottom teeth and prepare those for crowns I’m off to the dentist you guys the days are getting harder and today was all cutting teeth and taking impressions and why not I have temporary teeth on the front and waddle these are just molds and my whole bottom lip is still very known as you can see I can’t move this area they gave me the day off tomorrow which is great because I could sleep in and rest and kind of let’s well and go down and stuff but it’s gonna take a day for them to get all of the crowns made and then Friday I go in and have the crowns put in I am super beat super sore let me take a shower and find me something to eat once again the doctor’s orders soup only so soup only for the next two days but I’m gonna find me something to eat and then I’m gonna pass out for a day and a half I guess woohoo you [Music] today’s Friday and today the Crown’s are going in I’m packing because today is also the last day in my hotel so I am praying that all the crowns are put in today because I don’t have a place to stay tonight again and so I’m hoping if all the crowns can get put in before sunset I’m gonna cross the border tonight catch a cab and then their state of hotel in Yuma and then leave tomorrow so get these temporary bad boys out and get some some real stuff put in we’re so close homestretch here we go I know what you’re thinking why are you brushing your teeth when you’ve got all temporaries and you can’t even touch your teeth well apparently it’s a big deal to leave your gums untouched during this process as well because you can have plaque and and gunk and whatever buildup in the gum line and cause swelling and then your crowns don’t fit properly and when the swelling goes down you got a gap between the crown and the gum line so learn your lesson kids don’t just brush your teeth always brush your gum line – it’s just as important goodbye room [Music] today is supposed to be cams blasting at the dentist I haven’t heard anything from him and it’s 4:30 in the afternoon he is supposed to be well Lord willing everything gets done today he is need to get back to Arizona he’s wanting to get back to Arizona before nightfall his flights tomorrow from Yuma Arizona back up to Sacramento it’s where I can pick him up tomorrow night hello you’re an Arizona they oh my gosh dental work stunned just crossed the border heading back into Arizona and we got teeth [Music] [Laughter] [Music] and we’re in Arizona finally Wow the the light here is really making my teeth glue but tomorrow my flight leaves from Yuma heading back home so I’m gonna chill here in human for the night and find me something to eat be back home to my lovely wife soon whom I dearly miss today’s travel day it is like 11 o’clock I totally took advantage of the noon checkout time and I’m getting as much chill time as possible before sitting on a plane for the rest of the day the only thing left dude today is gonna shower and find something to eat and i’ma hit the road and get to the airport and finally go home I’m in the International Airport and this place is like completely empty I think I might be the only person here besides staff well yeah I’m so excited to be here right nothing the pockets at all no belt on alright wait right there [Music] I was on a plane to California by the time I ever need did you even know I was looking for you that I was hiding in between [Music] did you wait [Music] did you really [Music] I got in cab when I first got it to get to the only place I know listen to the people that did you ever see we get to go pick up Cameron I’m so excited so so excited so we’re about 45 minutes away from the airport and we are gonna go together to pick up daddy we’re daddy [Music] it’s 11:20 right now so should be getting a call or text soon I would think saying that you [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] sorry she smelled all over to make sure it was Oh things still smelling good [Music] Dutch here me home and sleep my own bed so tired it’s so cozy and warm and it’s home chuckle Tom okay

Before Photo: Dental Procedure in Los Algodones Mexico


After Photo: Dental Work in Los Algodones Mexico


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