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Video Transcript:

hi everyone should roll Sonya here so my second day in Playa del Carmen Mexico visiting Karen some of you may know from we used to do radio show together truther girl care now and today I’m doing my medical tourism I’m gonna check out the Mexican census I have a lot of teeth that they will eventually need porcelain or I’m gonna lose them even if I don’t get new cavities just having to replace fillings my 14 are just not going to be able to you know withstand it so that’s what I’m gonna do while I’m here so we just got up got ready we’re heading over the dentist and we’re gonna have some breakfast and Karen takes me so it’s kind of noisy Karen takes me to like the places where the locals go so this one here is called Anna Tebow and Karen would wouldn’t we expecting the Tebow the Tebow you get all your fresh juices you can get for 35 that’s like three dollars and breakfast or lunch whatever they have really consumed the other mothers tuna t-bones right next door yeah all right Walt local chain same idea like juice oh nice decor very colorful tropical well that’s crazy I just took like they give you chips and chips and salsa I just took like the tiniest little bit tiny taste like I’m only gonna go like this and that was like so spicy and Karen check out how she does it a whole spoon of that I can’t believe it if I did that my head would like explode it’s nuts place not for you it is spicy definitely non-mexican yeah well that’s a big dream huge that’s not even a full liter this is like were you gonna introduce we’re like six bucks yeah a dollar sixty six for this huge drink a dog six American mutiny Wow huevos rancheros and it comes with tacos and all this great stuff Karen got the same things went burrito okay so that was a nice brunch did you go there you have to bring ID if you want to pay with a card of any kind I didn’t actually anywhere you know yet apparently not something you need in Canada or the US but down here you have to use ID but it the first time anybody asks me for ID I didn’t have any but we had some cash so it worked out it’s just that heads up and so now we’re going down to the Mexican dentist it’s walking down this this big street here I love how everything is so colorful around here you know what else I notice you guys are really cold everywhere you go eh they’re like in a WAPA whatever my seats uh Karen can’t like take go ten feet outside of her house without something happening Mexican men are just more approachable and friendly more approachable I’d say they’re like more bold but if you say like if you’re if you’re leaves decline them then there are they respectful they’re not too pushy yeah well no they some of them would you have to be firm and you have you get some weird people trying to follow you yeah like last night when we were at the Pina Colada place there were some guys who tried to dance so that’s they’re kind of weird too you know like just the way they look I guess drunk but anyway Karen was like we better not dance those enough that we wanted to she was like don’t dance with them or they’re gonna get the wrong ideas you wanna go home with them nip that abided oh what’s this oh it’s a vet Oh what are you doing in there what people take their chicken to the back though they worth of that and they fell on a pet store more like like a light well that’s something you don’t see in Montreal oh well Karen just told me jaywalking is not a crime here but good thing too because there’s a lot of places they don’t even have traffic lights just gonna have to wing it it’s hot and I say mucho calor oh here it is Centro a spectacled in that laia this is it so this is where you went cool so here we are in the dental clinic and this here is the dentist my name is your tongue he’s got a muscle well and so this is the dentist who did all this terrific work on Karen’s teeth and he says he could see me today for consultation and we can come back later maybe tomorrow or the day after and have some work done so we’ll see what he says about what he can do for my team and so here we are I have my consultation appointment that’s pretty quick in akka in the haka in Lusaka CKD podemos ponycorn espero Syrian mucho de hielo bueno por days to read La Coruna the story was a read the door para poner una coroner let’s make her any occasion mejor English II yousa sepia special called a pasta / st. CBD de okay okay aqui es una England she otra English okay okay okay no not fun unless I order some fillings Blanca’s si pero just kidding among gamma t beetle I click Italian meat and a pony Oh Lord de su the indica okay so we did the consultation and I like his philosophy stay the decade let me holistic concern about las ventas Naturalis si lo mejor in business a unicorn I said cornea on the metal porcelain is le NT in C muchas veces tenemos que discrete dientes on oh ho no estoy de acuerdo con ESO mejor hacer una indicas nada más la parte effect ah yes a load a un buen materia para que tu lo único que hacer es a material está de mantenimiento Kalani Oh Chico Massimo’s la limpieza de los dientes limpiar SS partes de la semana para para steam hissing Matenga B&B; you see mantenga PA Oya disgusting hello unique oh yes people do remain Terry Daniels my teeth are damaged and the solution is gonna have to be something more permanent than just replacing plastic every year which is damaging my teeth generally to me losing my teeth so I like the philosophy here the idea is to conserve the teeth as much as possible and with the zirconium inlays it should be affordable they were done with the vibrating tool this is the the powder the cleaning powder never exactly love dental treatments I just told them but anyway I think okay so I had the cleaning look my teeth are super super white he did a super great job it was like a three-step cleaning and what I want to do now is I’ve got three teeth here these three this three teeth have had a lot of fillings and I I’m sure that down the road I’m gonna lose them unless I put an inlay porcelain or he says their cone Ian zirconium is better so I’m gonna come back later today and I’m gonna start with this in late for those three teeth so I don’t lose them well so I just told her that I decided to have these three teeth done because those teeth have a lot of filling but they’re not anywhere needing root canals or crowns right now and however if I have to have those fillings replaced again maybe one or two times it’s gonna get to that point you know for now exactly if I get inlays in these three teeth those teeth are saved and Karen just told me what is an inlay cost in Canada per tooth like two thousand two thousand dollars this would be like yeah it would be like six thousand dollars to say these three geez I mean if you err on the really low side no at least it’s a thousand for any kind of porcelain filling but between one two I mean it’s three to six thousand dollars to save three teeth tough peace of mind about those teeth and not end up with you know dentures or whatever I mean that’s incredible so that is amazing that I could have those three done inlays not have to worry about them again the last twenty thirty years pretty much the rest of my life for what seven hundred and fifty dollars instead of like to read to six thousand dollars in Canada that’s why I’m you’re doing this because you know it’s pretty much what’s like the only way right you know for this kind of dental care unless you got lots of money to burn like why would you go to your dentist pay ten times the price well I think that people don’t realize first of all that this is a viable option like people think oh it could be sketchy because it’s Mexico and second you think oh well the cost of the travel itself will offset the dental care I guess you came down here and had one crown or one filling done even though the work is cheap I guess if you stay in a 4-star resort all-inclusive yeah then it’s not worth it right if you stay on an Airbnb and you irritate a cheap flight you could stay for two weeks and still save money off of that crown that’s right because I paid like 550 for my flight and well zero for my accommodations so even if you include the trip here still cheaper than doing it in Montreal you know the other thing is can you get away like I’m considering because up here I have a couple other teeth in the back that need crowns I’m considering coming back with Gunnar to finish the job because you know what I tell you I calculate I’ve been spending like a thousand dollars getting fillings replaced every single year after ten years that’s like ten thousand dollars I’m spending on my teeth and my problem is still not solved I still have to keep going back in replacing the fillings there’s always something so this would be a way to like just get it done and that’s it like a more permanent solution well but back at the dental clinic appointment okay I’m gonna tell you after how it goes wish me luck well he’s got started and he’s taking the mercury out and he did a good job on the freezing so far so good Oh spitting out a ton of mercury that mercury I hope it’s better taking it out and leaving it in it’s a yes and eat the path my dad has a what I told you go on oh boy okay the first part is done and I have to go back on Saturday so today is Thursday and I have like a temporary filling in there that he did at the end and I have to go back on Saturday I’m totally wiped out I’ll tell you the truth the guy did a really good job he’s very gentle nothing hurt things good I was spitting mercury out like a lot and it’s all out and no problems everything went fine but I am just completely wiped out so we’re wiped out what are we gonna do now get coffee let’s get coffee interested in reading it oh wait can I drink coffee I have temporary fillings here you can drink coffee it’s okay okay so we’re just gonna get whatever coffee and just hang out and that’s it for this installment of Jersey Girls Sonia does medical tourism and make oh I guess that’s it for today just chill out and we’ll see you guys next time


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