Medical Tourism After Weight Loss Surgery

medical tourism after weight loss surgery

Hi my loves it’s Sheena and I’m back with another video so today’s video I just wanted to talk to you guys about massaging our massages I want to talk to you guys about massages um basically massages is a part of the aftercare that you get are you supposed to get after you have surgery me me after you have liposuction aftercare I can not stress enough how important after carries a lot of girls go out of the country and they get liposuction and they just don’t I don’t know they don’t put it in the budget to get the massages or they just think they don’t need it um but they end up not getting massages and they end up with like what’s called phimosis fibrosis and that’s basically um where your skin starts to harden and it just leaves little lumps like all of your stomach and back and thighs and it’s not cute at all okay and one of the things that prevent fibrosis is massages now where I live I live in Alabama and I must just go ahead and be honest there’s not I what I haven’t found a lot of places and I’ve researched and I’m just gonna talk about the area that I live me that I live in I researched and I did not find I could hardly find anyone that does like lymphatic massage and that’s the type of massage that that you’re supposed to get after surgery lymphatic I personally didn’t find any one that was actually good at it and when I say good like they didn’t do it right okay well after you have surgery it’s recommended usually is recommended by your doctor and I’m only speaking for out of the country because I’ve never had my position in the United States so I don’t know if they recommend massages in the United States or not I think it depends on your doctor or where you’re at but I’m only just speaking about liposuction out of the country particular Columbia so after you have surgery it’s recommended that you get ten massages why you are still in the country okay and the massages if you watch my video about my Colombian experience I actually show what the massages look like don’t lymphatic massages and it’s actually like they’re draining the fluid out of you so the way that they’re massaging you they’re you know taking the fluids and it’s coming out of these lymphatic drainage points that you have in your body and the fluid is actually draining so it’s like you know fluid and blood that is actually coming out now once you get back home once you leave the country you come back home it’s also recommended that you get at least ten more massages now here over here in the United States they’re not gonna do the drainage which I mean I haven’t seen them do the drainage it’s more like a light massaging and they take it and they go down to those pathetic points but you actually urinate the fluid out instead of they’re actually coming through the hole cause probably by the time you get back to the to the United States the holes are probably closed so the way that the fluid Quran is through your urine okay so I have not actually like I haven’t had like a good experience with a massage therapist here that actually do a good job like I would someone I’d like to say I researched and there was one lady that offered the lymphatic massage yes okay that was at a decent price and because they are expensive especially when you like they’re at deira good price in my out of the country because I think mine was so part of my package but the last time I had surgery I got to massage $400 when you get to the United States you’re gonna be seeing prices like probably made me like $80 for 30 minutes or something like that it kind of it gets expensive and it’s recommended that you can see after afterwards but forgive me guys so I’m kind of like jumping all over the place I’m trying not to forget anything and I don’t have any notes or anything and sometimes I can kind of joke such a subject so please you know don’t get mad okay um so yeah I did not have a good experience but it’s like the lady like she just didn’t seem like it was making a big difference because after that is supposed to long settlements are just after you’re done with it you know you paused to see but you’re supposed to see a dramatic change or slight change with your body like the curves because you’re getting all that fluid out so it’s helping shape your body Susan your body out and the lady I want to just wasn’t she was all right okay so I was just like you know I was just do the massages like I went to hit him and got ten with her on but I I just didn’t feel like it just made a real big difference so I was like okay I’m gonna start doing it myself at home because the massage is the better I guess recommend it you get home total 20 they say that should be good but the more massages the better like if you can continue to give massages that would be good and like I said I don’t live in an area like I don’t live in New York I don’t live in Miami I don’t live in an area where they do massages I would have to go my good massage that massages I would have to drive to like Atlanta which I still may do that like every once in a while but you know going so Austin driving cause ramified two hours from me it just would be too much so I decided that I’m going to just do them myself okay so that’s the hope on this video okay so that’s the hope or in this video is that you FM now nothing to just solely do this okay because you want to get your massage is my professional when you get home so you want to before you have surgery I would suggest that you research and find somewhere that does lymphatic lymphatic drainage massages in your area and get at least 10 from them okay do your research find the best one you can get your 10 now after you get your 10 I’m gonna tell you you can’t do some self massaging okay and what you would need for that is some coconut oil some almond or coconut oil or almond oil or you can probably even use some grapeseed oil if you have it okay I bet I recommend either arming or a coconut oil okay so and that was another lotion that I used that they it was it was a cream that they use in Cali can do yeah I forgot um but it’s really good for inflammation um they fill them on Amazon I’ll leave the link below so what I’m talking about is below but if that’s really good to use this for it it helps with the swelling so I’m gonna actually insert a video of how i do my massages so that y’all can come and see okay so yeah um another thing that is good too is dry brushing now jothee just do your research because like I said I’m not a medical professional I’m only sharing with y’all what I do it’s not the gospel okay but you know this is what I do dry brushing and y’all can research it there’s something saying dry brushing though it’s good for lymphatic massage okay and this is a dry brush this is my drivers so it has like this massaging part on the back and then it has this brush on one side one side massage one side bristles okay so what you want to do with that is you want to take it and I’ll show y’all how I do this but you don’t want to have any lotions or anything you want to this is dry brushing so you’re actually you know using this driver I’ll show you hard to dip hi guys so I’m going to show you how I do my self massages at home um I apologize well I don’t know what I’m apologizing please I am bloated it’s under my cream a little info like I’m so full I don’t know why I bloat so something is still playing or just by up here or at least that’s what it feels like so you’re gonna dry brush um you definitely don’t like everyone even also anything like that so basically you just in this feels like fuck this brush feels really good specially if you have like itchy skin for your liposuction this feels so good they’re gonna tell you if some people like they go towards their heart thanks this is my paddock drainage too and just go towards your heart thank you and eat you don’t know this doesn’t have to be um hard because after liposuction like your skin is very difficult delicate after Michael suction yours Eaton’s very delicate so you definitely don’t want to be wrong at all this is light strokes and you would do this dry would not have our any walls or anything like that I hope this video is helpful goodbye y’all I’m gonna be doing my own thing like so yeah yeah kind of good so you just go towards your heart this will actually there’s candy spot too so okay um I have my urban all here it’s what I use but I say you can use under all or you can use fucking at all or if you can use that other cream that I told y’all about on my link it down below you can get it off of everyone I got murdered from Columbia it’s a really little information phone but I just excellent under oil slowly we have and I got this top of Amazon – I like that below or if you don’t have any of this you could just use coconut oil blade you want to use some type of oil so I just put a little bit in the palm of my hands or my hands together and then like I just start no I’ve seen people do look at it massages and then they go up torture learn it because that’s where my kid my favorite claim is um but at the bottom that’s that’s where like they were in when I was in Colombia whatever that’s where they were learned tours like the whole they have a two drainage holes here so kinda the direction that I know um like I said I’m not a medical professional I’m just doing what feels good and what has given me the best results so you know so yeah I just picked some and then I start on my sides and then I just and you don’t want to use like a lot of pressure it’s supposed to be light strokes but I do go up and some it’s on the sides I go towards my armpits because it’s like the fives right here is where it seems like um she like felt like really good in it they were like really really sore and it still ain’t really really sorted use my hand and just come up that sometime for just take both and I just go like this but it’s very light light light strokes and so with my stomach I gotta kind of go towards the bottom and there’s like this hump here and it got hard and I don’t know that’s how she might code you kind of can see it a little bit like hard there it wasn’t one’s hard it’s not hard anymore but I would constantly massage today this is my read of y’all like to me that just boots coming that’s just hot my body shape is if I this is super super flat and then I have these ribs that flare out I don’t know you get these better gnarly um but yeah I just take that Oh like where I feel that home it’s still at my home but it’s my heart and I just kind of like massage that I feel like if I had not been getting massages that it could have so yeah but I kind of do this a little bit I kind of break it up order but if they it’s my heart but it’s still like a sim I know but I I really work on it and I’ll just take that I mean and then I just kind of move my back to like this skin on my back that part is my skin and if I don’t like do I need a back lift or do I need um well working out my Hill its height and it’s can I don’t love it like crazy working out coming and I don’t know really even have like a special way like you know let you feel good I don’t have any fibrosis my doctor doctor Jaco man was really aggressive and I don’t have any type of fibrosis or hopes or anything like that I feel like I’ve gained some weight or unload it but I can’t wait to get back in man camera but yeah you got any lumps take your fingers and just wash it out and push your tourists a bottom you know just massage it out that’s what I do I’ve been wearing a waist trainer but I’m not gonna lie see how I made I stopped eating meat how about a month ago I did stop eating meat but I have not been eating the cleanest but I’m doing some kind of work on that I just I feel like I can’t sew it all right please just be bloated because like I said um it is that part of the month so this could just be blown over all right guys I hope this is helpful so yeah guys that is you know basically what I do at home my aftercare like I said it’s very very important because you don’t want to be left with hard fibrosis you know you don’t want to be left with lumps all over you because you didn’t do the right thing with your aftercare so budget include those massages into your budget before you have surgery find out how much massages cost find out find someone in your area who’s good and experienced with it if you can let’s just say you can’t find anybody in your area that can do the lymphatic massages then do what I tell you just you know try the dry brushing and just do it yourself but you gotta be on top of it you know if you’re gonna do it yourself and you’re not going so professional at all after surgery I suggest doing this member twice a day you know so that was our I hope this video helps someone if it helped you give it a thumbs up and share it and also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you like the content and I’ll see you guys on another video okay bye my love’s you


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