How Much Money Can Mexico’s Dental Prices Save You? (Vlog + Cost Breakdown)


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so it’s been a while since you or I have gone to the dentist it’s been longer for me I went two days ago yeah Friday that’s today so Tuesday you went Concord I want I was conquered Tuesday first opinion yeah I went and they checked me out I thought that I was gonna have some some issues in my lower right because that’s been bothering me that’s mainly what I went in for that and a chipped and slightly fracturing tooth on the front and they told me that every single tooth of my mouth needs work and so I asked what would you recommend I start on like what area should be startling and he goes pretty much you could tell me anywhere in your mouth and I would say that’s a good that’s a good idea good place to start because it’s all horrible Mike thanks doc guys you like my smile um so long story short he not every tooth but just about every tooth he said needs a crown which is insane and he quoted me $30,000 he said don’t worry I’ll break it down for you we’ll do six teeth on the first visit and we’ll just go from there first visit $10,000 didn’t help Wednesday second opinion so get a second opinion I walk into the office and I explained to them the situation and I told them hey just came from the stennis they quoted me $30,000 for a thing and like we we would have to drain all of our accounts and whatever to even come close and it still wouldn’t make it like how are we gonna make this work and she goes thirty thousand dollars it’s like they want to put a crown on every tooth and they wanted to put a crown on every tooth and so went to that dentist and they wanted to put a crown on every tooth and they were a little more gracious they accepted our insurance the first Dennis didn’t but they brought the price down to around twenty-two to twenty five thousand so the front the other dentist was gonna do for ten thousand dollars this one was going to do for six thousand different nine thousand seven hundred and twenty two and six thousand six hundred yeah to get the thirty thousand dollar opinion cost three hundred and seventy dollars to get the second opinion five hundred and twenty to get that Thursday or Wednesday night when thing tonight I was up all night working also googling on the side and I’m looking I thought maybe I mean we’re trying to entertain everything alleys at work that night she’s looking all over the internet I’m looking all over the place like how can we make this work where can we like some surely there’s some way to fix my mouth for less than a fortune because that just seems so ridiculous and I thought well maybe other states cuz we’re in California and it’s a little more expensive here I remember back home in Alabama the prices weren’t so steep so I started looking like we’re the cheapest states to do don’t work and like one of the first results that came up when I’m typing in cheapest state for dental work was cheapest country for dental work and it leads me through this whole mass of websites of people that have traveled abroad to go have cheap dental work done and what this is too good to be true it’s shoddy dental work there’s no way this is gonna work this is crazy and the more and more I looked into it it just is like this is it is this is the answer like there’s so many testimonials of people that have had successful visits and the price is like a third of the cost the the dental practices that I’ve looked into we’re here they would charge one thousand to twelve hundred dollars per crown per tooth the practice is there would charge 350 to 400 dollars per crown and so we brought our total for the work down to around eight thousand five hundred dollars or so for your whole now for my whole mouth we’re in Mexico I love it well if I’m pronouncing it right it’s in Los Algodones Mexico it might be pronouncing that wrong right outside of Yuma Arizona you like 10 miles away skipped the border and go to your dentist and it’s this town that’s like super small but it’s like the whole town is founded on dentistry there so like every corners got dentist on it and it’s just crazy but like for less than my first quote for my the first quote for my front six teeth less than that they give me my entire mouth yeah so we’re packing tonight and I’m leaving in the morning early the head to Arizona mind you it is Friday yeah so Tuesday first opinion wins a second opinion Wednesday night could we go no I don’t know by yesterday he had an appointment made for this coming Monday Mexico Friday confirmed he spoken to the dentist he spoken to the hotels that he’s gonna be staying at booked a flight right Yuma Arizona and with with everything like with the dental work the flight and the hotel charge is it still cheaper than my first of my max cheap cheaper than the first six teeth at the first appointment so praising Father crazy amazing that father led us here and it’s an adventure too so that’s kind of cool so full I to Mexico done first opinion said they could take one month second opinion they would need two weeks for one piece more than one Mexico four days how much the difference of these two being is this one it’s in the US this one same date time but is in Mexico so as mentioned apparently this this big thing is called dental tourism I I’ve had rough teeth my entire life I obviously did not take very good care of them when I was younger and it’s hard to bounce back from that after so long of neglect even in adulthood when you do you want to actually take care of your teeth but in all of my years of going to the dentist and all the work I’ve had done never heard of dental tourism never heard of going to other countries for your dentist or for any kind of medical work but there’s apparently this boom of like tons and tons of people that do this I mean you search online and some of these dentists trees in other countries have like thousands of reviews from Americans and from Canadians and like people that are like within our networks of of dental work that go over and have these things done I mean you’ve got on the list here Mexico Thailand Bali Malaysia Costa Rica Philippines Vietnam Colombia and this is just on dental departures who is who I went through they offer like 32 different countries on their website like there’s tons of places you can go and it’s not just dental tourism there is a whole slew of people who do medical tourism as well I’ve heard now that I’ve mentioned this to people I’ve heard about more and more stories of people going specifically to Mexico for medical issues for cancer treatments and stuff like that and surgeries and so just what’s I can’t oh yeah I thought it was like iPhone I like a little I care optometrist optometry pharmaceuticals yes it’s totally not just a dental and we might be like I don’t know learning about this way later than everybody else so if you’re like us and you’re late to the game you have arrived we haven’t even arrived yet we’re on our way we’re on our way so we are currently in Lodi California we’re gonna I’m gonna fly down to Yuma Arizona if you get in there so Yuma’s Airport is right here and Los Algodones is right here so you literally get on the interstate drive to the border and you’re there and it’s this little bitty border town that light is lit like here’s the Mexico California and the Mexico Arizona border meets here like everything is super walkable and right over the border I’m staying in this hotel here the hacienda los algodones and my dentist that i’m going to is castle dental so there’s the hotel there’s a dentistry and it’s just like walk up the street pretty much take it let me go well two tickets not to paradise but to Arizona yeah are you like how are you feeling cuz you’re only a couple hours away completely pop oh I’m excited to see your journey it’s my first vacation without my wife don’t remind me it literally is like the longest never long as we’ve been apart what’s the longest before this before maybe a day I don’t even know if we put another day no and I think this is a year and a half and the marriage almost cam is just about to clock out of work or did you just about you that’s you and then we are gonna head out because it’s time to get him it’s time to get him to the airport for his six o’clock flight and yes I’ve already had a meltdown no good I will be doing more video on the website that I went through how we did background checks and research and just the results along the way I’m not gonna take the big camera I’m gonna take my iPhone and have a little more inconspicuous videoing we bought a super cheap little doodad from Walmart just so I can like take some try to take some decent shots with my my phone in Mexico so maybe we’ll get some decent footage and some good information because if there’s one thing I noticed when I was looking and researching is there’s not a lot of video there’s a lot of blog posts and like reviews and stuff but there’s not a lot of video actually showing this place and showing like what’s going on and and how good it is or how bad it is so I want to get like the best immersive review I can get while we’re going or while I’m going


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