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hi everybody thanks for watching this video today I want to tell you a little bit about my surgical experience because although I’ve logged through the whole thing there’s always things that I forget and the whole trip is really one big experience the flight there was and was great we were met at the airport with my my translator and who picked us up the last time as well the trip went really great it was a lot of fun this time because we were out during the day the last time we arrived it was dark and it was kind of scary because you’ve never been there before you don’t know where you’re going she knows where she’s going but you don’t you know so this time it’s nice because you really get to see different parts of the city which I find really fascinating and then we get to the hotel we checked in it went really smooth and then we had the rest of a to go exploring my translator had told me before we arrived that it rains really heavily every night and she wasn’t kidding we rented a car and we went grocery shopping at the local Walmart and while we were in the Walmart there was this like tremendous noise I mean like I was plugging my ears and I was screaming at my boyfriend who is like two feet away from me like what is that noise and people were laughing at us because I you know but I was like this this doesn’t make any sense like it was happening and it’s rain it was raining like torrential rain that I’ve never experienced in my life and it rained so crazy that it even hailed it’s sky I’ve never seen this before in my life but anyway so we’re in the Walmart and the noise is just tremendous and then as we’re walking out rain is falling on me I’m still inside and I was like oh my god like what is happening right now we get into the parking lot which is underground and water is just gushing up from the sewers just gushing and somebody’s there sweeping it into the street to prevent it from going in the store and I was like what this is this is chaos it’s like Armageddon it was just crazy so we get in the car and we’re driving back to the hotel we’re not familiar with this area right you can’t see anything and when we got to the hotel we parked right out front to drop our groceries up before going to the parking lot around the walk and there’s all this white stuff on the ground that’s like it was eyes it was hail it’s just crazy um this our translator thought it was really funny that we experienced this on our first night and the next day we ended up going to see the doctor doing the all the pretest I needed to do and then we had the afternoon off so we decided to drive to Ana massacring this do you know what God my boyfriend doesn’t much better than me but it’s basically the pyramids which are about went to the pyramids and we walked the valley of the Dead and a little bit hand because this was like four klicks long and it’s like super hot so no thank you but we climbed both pyramids the pyramid of the sun and the pyramid of the moon and a little side pyramid and it was amazing and it was quite the workout it was like a leg day in mexico let me tell you and some of the stairs on parts of the pyramid we’re like as high as my knee like that’s how high you had to step so going up was fun and going down was fun as well I had a really amazing experience it was fun and then we wouldn’t had lunch in a cave which was like amazing and we only found out because we told my doctor’s reception is that we were going to the pyramids and she’s like oh my god there’s this great restaurant you have to go and try so we did and we don’t regret it it was amazing and so after this like crazy day we were fried so we go back to the hotel we’re just laying in bed just exhausted and we start hearing sirens and they’re getting louder and louder and there’s like something being said in Spanish which we don’t understand so I’m just like mine must be like a really big fire something for all this noise and then not too long after that there’s like some you know rumbling and shaking I figure Matt’s a truck passing by whatever I’m just there like exhausted Am I transit ER text and she’s just like oh yeah the earthquake or whatever was like those were earthquake warnings and we were supposed to evacuate nobody came to tell us this which is weird I guess thing yeah and so the shaking was so minimal like I wouldn’t even call it an earthquake it definitely wasn’t like the same earthquake that had hit last year that was pretty bad and had damaged parts of the city that we were in so that was kind of an interesting experience so like I look alright well you know next and she it’s funny because she called it she told us that they should like oh yeah there’s gonna be usually an earthquake it don’t be don’t be scared because of those aftershocks I’m like alright there it was so that was a fun experience but so now let’s talk about after surgery now I’m about what a month post-surgery recovery is going well all of the wounds of oil booms the winds the wounds the windows all of the wounds have closed up and it’s going really well the only thing that you might not think of when you’re doing the recovery cuz like me I thought my biggest deal was gonna be like once everything’s closed up yeah I’m good to go right no no you’re not when you have surgery on your legs and liposuction or any sort of big surgery you’re gonna have fluid retention so he told me he’s like going get lymphatic drainage massages at least twice a week and you know rest and elevate your legs and all this kind of stuff so I did that but I wasn’t resting I guess as much as I could because when I went back to work I’m sitting for eight hours a day for the most part and then that night which was sorry two nights ago I wouldn’t helped out my friend prepare some stuff for a party she was going to and then when I got home I went to take off my pants and I couldn’t they were just stuck so I looked down and my left leg especially was the size of my thigh like my calf was the size of my thigh was one big giant elephant leg I was horrified so I you know pulled off my pants I’m looking at my leg and my foot is deformed my ankle is just just unrecognizable my cap is so big and so hard that I can’t squeeze it like it’s hard as rock like it really like to me I felt like the skin was gonna burst which was like horrifying so I was like okay let’s let’s calm down let’s lay down elevate your legs and I felt them all over to make sure there wasn’t any redness or heat or hot because that’s a sign of blood clot and I didn’t have any of that I was like okay it’s just swelling you know put on the compression socks and whatever I couldn’t get the compression socks on my legs were too swollen I skinned my finger and – on the other hand trying to get these socks on because I have gloves too come on but I try to stick my hand inside because I’m still wearing the other compression garments they go all the way to my knees right these one the other ones I’m trying to put on her from my toes to about my waist it like it was such an ordeal I couldn’t get over the size of my leg it was just it was it was horrifying and I knew I knew that this was a thing cuz he told me about the swelling so I spent the whole night with my legs elevated like really really high the swelling went down a little bit but not much I spoke with my surgical team I could have called the moon of the night but I was like I think I’ll be okay if it’s that urgent honestly I should just go to the hospital right so I waited a couple of hours and the swelling was going down but that was really like it was something that I you know like you forget you know like surgery you need to take your time to recover from and if you’re anything like me I want to go go go all the time laying down is like and doing nothing or reading watching give you whatever the hell you want to do is just very difficult for me so that’s something that I wanted to put out there if any of you guys are thinking about going for surgery like really take the time to recover when the doctor says it’s gonna take six weeks give it the six weeks even if you feel better even if you feel fine lay down elevate your legs just listen you know last time I didn’t listen I end up having an infection so this time trust me I wasn’t so when I spoke to the the team here who spoke with the doctor he’s like okay get some antibiotics and just rest for the rest day with your legs elevated I also went to get another lymphatic drainage massage which was the best thing ever she’s amazing I’m so glad that I found her she was massaging and she’s like holy crap she’s like you were really swollen and she’s like and there’s parts of you that there’s the hard pockets of fluid but like she’s like I need to break those down and there was a time when she was massaging on my left hip and I could feel a popping sensation and I was like okay that’s really painful but okay and then she told me she’s like wow did you feel that like cuz I popped some like I was like oh my god but like as she was working my legs I could feel like the fluid moving I could feel the tingling I could feel sensation like it was amazing because like the one I’d gone to before I really didn’t like her the you know this one was she was fantastic like clearly like credit to her profession and the change is amazing my legs are pretty much back to normal now but I’m still wearing the compression socks I am still spending most of my days with like laying down legs elevated and now like for work tomorrow I’m gonna have the guys in the back like build a little something for me to keep my legs up because there’s no way I’m gonna sit there for eight hours and have this happen to me again but so that’s something that you really need to think of that you might not you know unless you’re a pro at surgery is that like even though you feel good after surgery you still need to rest you need to take it easy this is a big traumatic event for your body and even though you’re feeling better your body is working really hard to get to the level that you’re at before so that was my experience so now I’m gonna go back to bed and lay there again I’m so tired of laying now you have no idea like I can’t do anything I want to paint I can’t paint I wanna I want to write I can’t write I just have to lay there so I’m reading which is fun but it’s not fun when your house is a mess and there’s stuff that you want to do you know so I feel like my life is passing me by but I’m like you know what it’s only a couple more weeks and then I’m gonna get to enjoy these legs and not have calves the size of my bloody thighs like I wish I’d taken a picture it was it was just wow anyway so that’s what I wanted to share that was my pre and post surgical experience and stuff I wanted to pass on I’m gonna have a lot more videos coming up for you guys soon I’ve got so much I’m planning I’ve got nothing better to do than to lay here and plan videos right so I’m gonna have a whole slew of videos coming up this summer so I hope you’ll tune in and don’t forget to subscribe come on guys you know you wanna and we’re not prepared each other by yourself I think it spice I legitimately think it.

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