Plastic Surgery in Colombia Reviews

I am back as you can see I’ve had my surgery today is Sunday and I had my surgery on Friday I was you know me going to give you know the whole process of me extra going to get surgery and everything on my way there but it was so early in the morning I had surgery at blogging any of that and then when I came out of surgery you know I was just still under the anaesthesia and then Saturday I was in pain so today I’m feeling much better I’m probably any pain at all I’m not really experiencing patches or comfortable because I’m in a Baba and a farm is like a girl that they could she went after surgeries for compression so that’s basically you know it’s just uncomfortable cuz I have to sleep on my bed the doctor she did 360 life over me and then you know I was give me 360 life or honestly I thought I was just eating just lipo to like my back inside stomach but she ended up my pulling my backside stomach in between my thighs or so almost all areas she like both then she even like hold my feet into so I’ve got tomorrow so that was the necklace but the only thing is that I’m really swollen really swollen and um I I get massages every day and it’s static tarnish massages and like blue it comes out of it and every day that I get it I feel better I know that I look a mess but you know I had to come only get the other room I don’t mind just being real or nothing in this room y’all like what it really is um so yeah these my boys like I just I haven’t been really able to do anything with my hair or anything because I can’t lift my arm I’ve been having to have assistance to get in the bed because I don’t want to I don’t know my incisions opening up and if you do like if you move your arms to pleat before you’re over your head that you can possibly open up your breast incision so I want to avoid that at all cost so I’ve been getting some help getting in and out of it elbows recovery house and that’s a whole other video ciao ciao ciao a minute later playing at these my breasts they I got 400cc ultra high profile it’s all taped up working better surgery you look at my boobs I didn’t think that they were high enough I was born for that fake look because I wanted a lot of the fullness at the top so I found out that when you get breast implants under the muscle which I did I got some is a muscle that it looks natural and if you want a more unnatural Facebook to keep the implants on top of the Merkel I will just have to see how these fall but and this we got running the muscles so that’s automatically a natural look but I did more than Facebook I don’t know we’ll see how it turns out but I feel like my life was burned off even though I’m forward like I can see she did a really good job I cannot wait to the final box with eggs so yeah so yeah that’s basically about it then I want to update our on and I’ll be back tomorrow to show y’all the side of it and everything so yes I’ll see y’all

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