Travel Checklist: What Medical Travelers Need To Know

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Are you thinking of joining the millions of medical travelers that choose to go abroad for medical treatment each year? You need to do these things first!

✓ Involve your general practitioner: Your local general practitioner will be vital in the pre- and post procedure processes- from administering preoperative exams to providing aftercare, especially if  complications occur.

✓ Research doctors and clinics: Essential! To ensure high quality of care and safety, research

Travelling abroad for medical treatment can be the right choice, but patients need to think carefully before committing.

Travelling abroad for medical treatment can be the right choice, but patients need to think carefully before committing.

and choose qualified practitioners, as well as a facility accredited by a reputable organization like the Joint Commission International (JCI).

✓ Coordinate extended care: Confirm whether your facility will provide extended care in case of complications and, if necessary, make appropriate arrangements elsewhere. Ask about their guarantee practices, especially for dental work or any kind of implant procedure.

✓ Ask about medication: Research the medications you will need before, during and after surgery; find out how you can access medication, and check that they are safe.

✓ Get in touch with other patients: Engage in discussion with patients who have undergone similar surgeries at your facility and, beyond the outcome, specifically address their pre- and postoperative care, as well as accessibility to medications. Review sites and forums like Real Self can be a great resource.

✓ Bring a pal: Consider asking a family member or friend to accompany you on your trip, as onsite support can improve your overall experience and hasten recovery.

✓ Prepare your recovery: It might sound silly, but recovering from surgery abroad is going to be different from being at home. Your creature comforts (who doesn’t want some tomato soup when they’re under the weather?) are likely to be unavailable. Make sure you are prepared for that!

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