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Wrinkles are formed as the skin ages and loses its natural elasticity. Wrinkle treatments are designed to minimize the appearance of wrinkles to give the skin a younger looking appearance. There are a number of wrinkle treatments available such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, light/laser resurfacing, and Botox.

Recommended for
Wrinkle treatment can help patients with wrinkles and lines, who do not wish to make dramatic changes to their facial shape or outline (for patients with more extensive facial aging, facelift treatments might be more appropriate).

Time requirements

Average length of stay abroad: 1 – 2 days.

Number of trips abroad needed: 1 trip.

How to find quality treatment abroad

MMT makes medical travel easy by connecting patients with clinics, hospitals, and medical tourism agencies worldwide, completely free of charge. We have clinics specializing in everything from dentistry to cosmetic surgery. Once you make a request, we match your inquiry with top healthcare professionals that will provide you with free consultations and customized quotes. 

Before Wrinkle Treatment abroad

Patients should consider all the options for treatment and consult with the doctor to establish the best course of treatment suited to their needs.

How is it performed

Depending on the type of treatment chosen, the procedure will be performed differently.

A chemical peel involves the application of combined acids to the face, which peels the top layers of skin off. The new skin which grows back is smoother in appearance.

Dermabrasion involves the application of an abrasion device to the skin, which removes the top layers of the skin and when the new skin grows back, the skin is younger looking and smoother.

Light/laser resurfacing uses energy from a light or laser to remove the top layers of skin which wounds the skin and promotes collagen production. Once the wounds heal, the skin grows back smoother.

Botox involves the injection of Botulinum toxin A into the skin, which relaxes the muscle beneath the skin and makes the skin smoother.


Usually none.

Possible discomfort

Some procedures cause swelling, tenderness and numbness which should pass within a few days.

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