5 Amazing Benefits of Stem Cell Treatment Abroad

stem cell treatment abroad
Stem cells are important for living organisms for many reasons. If you don’t like the idea of undergoing reconstructive surgery to provide relief for your chronic condition, you’ll be glad to know that the benefits associated with stem cell therapy have increased considerably in recent decades.

What You Need To Know About Stem Cells

Stem cells are special human cells from which functional cells are generated. These cells are also known as master cells. Stem cell therapy is rapidly evolving as a promising treatment for anti-aging,
arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, lupus, osteoarthritis, stroke, spinal-cord injuries and other diseases. You can say that “Stem Cell Treatment is the future of modern medicine”.

Along with this, a significant number of people are choosing to receive stem cell treatment abroad. It’s because stem cell therapy is a relatively new concept in certain countries and is still going through the trial phase. Instead of waiting for an approval for this procedure in their home country, an ever-increasing number of individuals are flying abroad to other destinations, where the procedure is approved for use. And the treatment is performed by experienced, board-certified doctors. This allows the patients to enjoy the benefits of stem cell therapy without compromising the quality of care.

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Americans Traveling To Mexico and Panama For ‘Stem Cell Tourism’

Stem cell therapy is not approved in the United States yet, so a lot of US patients are partaking in ‘Stem Cell Tourism’ to other countries like Mexico and Panama where stem cell treatment procedures are permitted. Also, patients travel to these countries to access low cost pharmaceuticals that are expensive in the US.

European Medical Travelers Participate in ‘Stem Cell Tourism’

Stem cell therapy is still considered experimental making it ineligible for medical insurance coverage in European countries. However, these procedures are accessible overseas at affordable prices. In Bangkok, adult stem cells are used to repair the damaged tissues of the heart while undifferentiated immune cells are used in Singapore for creating personalized cancer treatment therapies. Both of these stem cell therapies have strong track records and they are backed by the support from their local government.

Let’s Take a Look At Some of The Amazing Benefits of Stem Cell Treatment Abroad

1.) Decrease The Efficiency of Pain

People in sports face a lot of spinal-cord injuries. And for treating this, stem cell treatment is one of the best solutions. It provides you pain relief and decreases the inflammation associated with the pain. With this treatment, you can repair and regenerate the affected region.

2.) Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases 

Cardiovascular Diseases mainly occur when the flow of blood to the heart is constricted. This usually takes place when the major vessels that supply your heart with oxygen, blood, and nutrients are damaged or diseased. Stem cell treatment for cardiovascular disease allows the vessels to restore their capabilities and repair damaged tissue.

3.) Increase The Range of Flexibility and Motion

After any kind of treatment, patients are always eager to return to their daily routine. But with stem cell treatment, you can provide fast recovery. It promotes the range of motion and flexibility of the joints and damaged muscles. The major benefit of stem cell treatment is it helps patients restore their injured body, back to the way it was before the injury.

4.) Prevents Nerve Damage

There are surgical procedures that may result in nerve damage which affects the mobility and functionality of the body. With stem cell treatments, there is minimal risk of nerve damage. And it also prevents the nearby nerves from being damaged.

5.) No Risk Of Rejection 

Generally, this treatment utilizes biologic materials that are derived from the patient’s body. Thus, it will drastically reduce the chances of the body rejecting it or risk of complications. During this treatment, you don’t require any kind of medicine. Moreover, this will also lower the risk of spreading diseases from one person to another. Or you can say that there is no risk of communicable disease transmission.

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