Which Countries Are the Best for Dental Tourism?

Dental Tourism

Are you looking for a dental implant or cheap dental crowns abroad? Does your home country have high costs and limited options? Are you unaware of the best dental tourism destinations? Well, this article will help you. A wide range of quality services are offered by clinics overseas, often at a lower cost. If you’re looking for affordable treatment without compromising on quality, consider going overseas instead of paying for expensive procedures in your home country.

Every year millions of people travel to these destinations because of their affordable treatment costs and success rates:


Thailand has the world’s largest, most modern dental clinics. Thailand has a 60% lower cost for dental tourism than western countries. For example, an implant with a crown would cost approximately $2,200 in Thailand. There are special provisions & dedicated centers in Thailand for international patients.


India is one of the best and popular destinations for dental tourism. Compared to the United States, the cost is on an average 70% lower, and lower than 90% in some cases. While filling costs around $25 USD, a root canal costs less than $200 USD. The clinics are well-equipped with the latest technologies. Several top clinics have international accreditation and partnerships with western hospitals.


Dental tourism in Mexico is a popular choice for residents of California, Texas, and the surrounding states. Here, implant surgery costs around $750. Mexico’s average dental crown cost is between $250 to $600. A large percentage of the dentists are also trained in the U.S.


Spain is renowned in Europe for its top-notch dentistry and reasonable medical costs. It costs around $653 to get dental implants in Spain, which is much cheaper than a lot of other destinations. Even with Spain’s affordable costs, its dental quality stands out quite well.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has American-trained dentists and great Costa Rican hospitality. Costa Rica is a good choice for dental tourism due to these factors. Dental implants in this country cost around $650. Many dentists in this nation are members of the American Dental Association.


With world-renowned dentists, state-of-the-art facilities, and highly trained dentists, Hungary is Europe’s leading destination for dental tourism. Hungary’s capital city, Budapest, is one of the most visited tourist cities in Eastern Europe, offering high quality dentistry at a discounted rate of around 50-70%. Dental implants start at $480.

Czech Republic

A premier dental care facility in the Czech Republic is also a budget-friendly option. Dental and medical tourism have become increasingly popular in this country, which provides high-quality dental treatment at low prices. In Central Europe, the Czech Republic is the best dental provider. On average, a dental implant costs $1050 in the Czech Republic.


Turkish dentists have international-grade training that makes them some of the best and most skilled in dentistry, making Turkey one of the best countries for dental tourism. Turkey has high-quality dental care and great prices. The options include orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, root canals, etc. The cost of dental implants in Turkey is around $575 or €550 at the best clinics.

We highly recommended performing a thorough search before deciding on a destination or clinic. When choosing a clinic, always check its accreditations.

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